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Acting Principal’s Report

I hope you had a lovely long weekend. I enjoyed the time with my family by walking the “1000 steps”. I felt so grateful to be surrounded by nature, feeling the changes of the seasons and sharing the quality time together with my family.


State School Leadership Conference

I attended the 2019 Education State School Leadership Conference on 3rd June with Harada sensei. One of the workshops I enjoyed most was “The power of Student Voice”.


The 3 components of student voice

Sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions that are genuine in an environment underpinned by trust and respect.

↓                      ↓

Offering realistic suggestions and expectations for the good of the whole.

↓                      ↓                      ↓                     

Accepting responsibility for not only what you say but what needs to be done.


The Power of Student Voice -Students’ Disco

Our SLC students ran a Students’ Disco on 30th and 31st May as a fundraising event for MS. I believe this event was testimony of our student voice. SLC gathered ideas from each class and considered all suggestions before deciding on a disco.   They put so much effort and time toward this event to make sure all students had great time.


I have talked with the Community Captains and some SLC students about what they have gained from this learning experience. They were so proud of their achievement and growth as leaders. Our Community Captains have written a report which is included in this newsletter and we invite you all to read about their efforts.


The teachers who visited the disco were all so impressed.  Their comments included:


“If anyone was down to see the disco, you would agree with me that it was a fantastic opportunity for the grade 5/6 kids to mingle with one another.”


“The excitement and laughter, singing and dancing (more like jumping up and down I believe is today’s dancing!!) and pumping music got everyone’s heart racing. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves (some were even sweating) and the leaders who ran it, are a credit to themselves.”


But of course we all know, all these things just do not happen on their own.  Thanks to Ms Wood for coordinating that wonderful experience for the kids and doing all the work behind the scenes. Well done to our SLC and Ms. Wood


Kid’s Fun Day on 16th June

Watashi mo (our Parents’ Association) is working so hard on the upcoming Kid’s Fun Day on 16th June (this Sunday).   It sounds like a great day with lots of kid’s activities planned including a jumping castle, bubble soccer, flea market, fire engine, family photo booth, food stalls etc.  One of the activities they are preparing is “Kid’s on Stage”. Ms Jacqui Pritchard is organising the auditions and the program for the day. Miss Wood and Mr Tolliday have been supervising the auditions during lunch time.  I hope many families will turn out on the day and enjoy the great event.      

This is a great opportunity to come along and meet up with other families as well as have some fun and relaxing family time.


Homework Club

We have started a “homework club” on a Wednesday during lunch time. Children can bring their homework in either Japanese or English if they are looking for support/assistance. Thank you Mr Tolliday for coordinating this activity.


Request for Homestay Families

Thank you very much for many parents showed their expression of interest to host students from Japan. Once we know more information, we will contact you.

If you are still interested in hosting 2 students as back up, please speak to Gill in the office. To assist with associated expenses, there is a payment of $45 per night per student.


Student Support Reminder

One of my main roles here at school is to coordinate the student support services in the school- academic, social and behaviour services. This includes programs we offer ‘in house’ as well as external services provided by the Department of Education and other external agencies.


Generally the process happens in the following way:

  1. A teacher may have a concern about your child and will discuss it with you or you as a parent may have concerns about your child which you discuss with the teacher.
  2. These concerns are then usually discussed with me so a decision can be made on which service would be the most appropriate for your child. Permission forms are then signed.
  3. Contact is made with the service provider who will then discuss the referral with parents and/or the teacher.
  4. A decision will be made on what sort of support the child will need. This could be an assessment, therapy, home program, referral to another agency or in school support.

This process is confidential and only the key stakeholders - myself, the classroom teacher/s and the service providers - have access to the information.


Often a parent will show concerns about other children in the school. We as a school cannot discuss the educational, academic or social circumstances of other children who are not your own or detail support services they may be accessing. This is confidential.  Please be rest assured that all efforts are made to support students in the school as much as possible.


Better Place Australia

Desiree Temling from Better Place Australia offers the counselling service at our school on every Thursday. Flyers and further information can be located at the school office. If you have any questions about this service please come and see me.

Naomi Mori-Hanazono

Acting Principal