The Righteous Among the Nations

Courage to Care

Courage to Care is an education program that uses the Holocaust to explore racism, prejudice, stereotyping and bullying. The annual visit of the Courage to Care team to Cheltenham delivers a dynamic and important lesson of both History and Wellbeing. Courage to Care encourages our year 8 students to find their own power and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 


Courage to Care remembers and salutes those courageous people who took enormous personal risks to rescue Jews and others from the program of extermination known as the Holocaust. These groups and individuals have been honoured as The Righteous Among the Nations. Courage to Care encourages all Australians to reject prejudice and discrimination. The Righteous Among the Nations are an example to all of us of the power of the individual to make a difference.


The Courage to Care program asks ordinary people to take inspiration from real-life extraordinary acts of courage and to critically asses how society influences us to see and treat others. What does it mean to be bystander? and How can young people become "upstanders" to create real change?


What was the important message shared by Courage to Care?

  • To show us what World War 2 felt like and how it affected the families involved.
  • That anyone can stand up against bullying
  • Stand up and help people in big scenes and even not the biggest of scenes. Stand up against your bully if you have one.
  • To show us what happened in world war 2 and the survivors and what they experienced
  • people that risked their live to protect the Jews
  • I liked the program and getting to learn about the holocaust
  • 6 millions Jews
  • To be an upstander not a bystander
  • That Hitler was bad
  • Innocents were killed because they were not perfect
  • Anyone has the power to stand up for themselves