Important Reminders & Birthdays

May Birthdays 

Ella W, Jade W, Hunter C, Ruby L, Carly S, Angus S-C, Natalie A, Jordon M, Lucas M, Logan K, Blake M, Ella A, Jacinta H, Heidi A, Thomas T, Zoe L, Matilda T, Iesha L, Jaxton W, Sebastian D, Adrianna H, Chace S, Harley-Jae S, William T, Bonnie S, Andrew H, Lexie C, Emily J, Maxwell S, William S, Hudson S, Oliver L, Gaige P, Declan K, Nicholas D, Jasper W,

Cody B, Allirah W, Jesse C, Mia S, Olivia N, Bohdi B, Annabelle F, Izac H, Anita B, Sam H, Sienna A, Maison C, Rhys C




Grade 4 Camp is next Monday 17th May!! If you do not have a payment plan in place, payments are due by this Friday 14th of May. 

Second Hand Uniform 

Thank you to all those who have donated so far! If you have any spare uniform that your children have grown out of , we are still taking donations at the front office :)