From The Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Carers, 


We are into Week 4 of the term and the students and teachers are well into their groove.  We have had a number of new families enrol this term and I welcome them to our school.  We currently have 483 students enrolled in our school and the new building spaces have been a welcome addition.  Our new portable is currently being used by our tutoring program and will become our Grade 5 centre for 2022. 


Happy Mother’s Day   

I hope all Mothers enjoyed their Mother’s day on Sunday.  Last Friday many of the students  purchased a  Mother’s Day present from the school. Unfortunately some of our key events like Mother’s day Lunch and Grandparents’ day we have been unable to do in  our previous format.  We attempted a Mother’s day movie in our new stadium but it proved not to be a popular event. 


Last week we had 22 students compete in the regional Cross Country competition.  Seven of our students have made it through to the next level  as they inch closer to the State competition. 


This week and next week we have a lot occurring for the school.  I have listed a few of the events we have on:

· Our new stadium will be handed over on Thursday 13th May.  We hope to be using this by at least the following week.  Our students will commence their PE classes in the new stadium in Week 5.  DASH will move across about 2-3 weeks later. 


· This week our Grade 3 and Grade 5 students participated in the NAPLAN tests.  This will be a good opportunity for our students to demonstrate their learning in one format.  One of our other formats for students to demonstrate their learning is in our school assessment weeks.  We set two weeks for our teachers to complete their assessments across key areas of Literacy and Numeracy.  Some classes will commence next week and others will follow later this term.





· Next week our Grade 4 students head off to Camp.  Our Grade 4s will be away for 2 nights at Cave Hill Creek and is one I am looking forward to.

· Next week our Grade 5-6 students will be representing the school in the Winter sports competition.  We have students participating in Football, Netball, and Soccer.  We wish our students all the best and hope they enjoy the experience. 



Last week Nicole Loader began in our school.  Nicole has had experience in early childhood centres and will be working in our Prep classrooms and supporting our administration office. 

Congratulations to Mrs Shell and husband Nick, who will be expecting their first child later in the year.


Education and Training Reform Amendment (Protection of School Communities) Bill 2021: Information for Parents, Carers and Families

This information is for parents, carers and guardians about the new Education and Training Reform Amendment (Protection of School Communities) Bill 2021. 


Victorian school communities are overwhelmingly positive and safe places for teaching and learning where we all play a role in supporting students in their achievements, engagement and wellbeing needs. 

It is likely that you have heard the recent media announcements that the Victorian Government has introduced the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Protection of School Communities) Bill 2021. If passed through parliament, the proposed Bill would come into effect in May 2022.


The Bill aims to protect and keep school communities safe by preventing and deterring violent and aggressive behaviours from adult members of the school community and ensure that schools are positive, safe and inclusive places to work and learn. This Bill will apply to the small minority of adult members of the Victorian school community who engage in this behaviour, after early conflict resolution measures through non-legislative avenues have failed. 


The proposed law will empower principals and other authorised persons to issue School Community Safety Orders in response to parents, carers and other adult members of the school community who engage in harmful, threatening, abusive or disruptive behaviours on school grounds or places where school activities take place, or inappropriate and harmful communication through emails and social media.


This Bill will apply to the small minority of the school community who engage in this behaviour when all other reasonable interventions have failed. The changes would ensure that all members of the school community are kept safe and to minimise any harm to their safety and wellbeing. There will be internal and external review mechanisms in place if a person who is subject to a School Community Safety Order wishes to appeal an Order. 

Arrangements will be available to ensure parents can still remain engaged in their child’s learning to and to minimise any disruption to the student. 


This Bill would not replace the existing avenues to raise any complaints, issues or suggestions with schools. By continuing to engage with these communication channels in a respectful and collaborative manner, we can continue to work together to support our students


Further information about the details of the Bill will be communicated to you if the Bill is passed by parliament. 

Have a great Week

Scott and Marnie