River Room 

Term one 

What a wonderful and rewarding term 1 we have had in the River room.  We have had many moments full of learning and opportunities for growth. 


Throughout term 1 we welcomed new faces as well as said goodbye to some of our children as they moved up into the Sun room. All children appeared to have settled very well. This was amazing to see as it is a time of mixed emotions seeing children grow and learn but a very positive time too as we know about excitement and growth awaits them.


Incy Wincy Spider

  • What started off as a song within our intentional teaching has flourished into one of the children's favourite songs. From this we created our own versions of Incy Wincy, which we displayed around our room. This enabled the children to feel a sense of belonging and an enhancement to self-worth.

Harmony Day 

  • We explored this through a collaborative art piece. The children loved expressing themselves through getting hands on, with painting the canvas in the colour Orange as this is the colour that represents Harmony Day. What a beautiful experience the children shared together with their peers and Educators. We have proudly displayed this master piece outside of our room. What a wonderful learning experience this was for all involved as Harmony Day explores and promotes a culturally and diverse community and a sense of belonging for everyone.


  • We celebrated Easter through a range of learning experiences such as arts and crafts and in our sensory tub. One sunny beautiful Thursday morning whilst we were playing outside can you believe the Easter bunny hopped into our yard. We were all very excited and some of us a little apprehensive but we overcame any fears we had and were rewarded with a delicious Easter egg.

Thank you for a fantastic start to the year and we cannot wait to see what term 2 brings :) River Team