School Council

School Council Report 

School council met on Monday night for the Annual General Meeting followed by a regular meeting.  

We welcomed new members Mel Hall and Jo Jeffers. We thanked retiring councillors, Nathan Hanns and Ben Jeffers for their commitment to School Council. 

We also congratulated the following councillors who have been reappointed: Simon Robinson, Kristy Thomas and Craig Thompson. 


The following is the result of the election of office bearers; 

President: Mark Turner 

Vice President: Kristy Thomas 

Treasurer: Simon Robinson 

Secretary: Craig Thompson 

Parents & Friends Representative: Jo Jeffers 

The annual report was presented and accepted.  

The general meeting covered a number of items including; 

  • Tutor Learning Initiative
  • Victorian High Ability Program
  • New Newsletter Platform
  • Annual Implementation Plan
  • Some school yard OH&S activity
  • Approval of financial reports

The next meeting will be held on Monday 10th of May.