Principal Report 

School, Kindergarten & OSHC Closure 

To our wonderful and supportive education hub community of Miners Rest.  Thank you for your understanding and commitment to acknowledge and support the Department of Education, Department of Health & Human Services and indeed myself with difficult decision making. 

First and foremost, I am responsible for the health & well-being of all children under our care, in both Kindergarten and Primary School. 

Unfortunately, we still have a small percentage of our community happy to 'troll' and post online for all to see, questioning decision making.  It seems a global pandemic is inconvenient for some.  It cuts deep, as I know who would also get blamed, should we have remained open as a Kindergarten or a School, and their child were to be infected by the Coronavirus.  

We are a unique setting at Miners Rest, with the school and Kindergarten linked, hence my decision which I standby, to close the Kindergarten & OSHC, even though we were only instructed to bring forward the holidays for the school.  I found it counter-intuitive to have younger siblings from the same families attend Kindergarten and / or OSHC but not school.  Homes would then be compromised. 

I am pleased to say, we are ready to support your child/ren, if and when we see school closures from the beginning of next term on Wednesday 15 April. 

Myself and our Leadership Team are still at school for this week.  Teachers and support staff are working from home, to plan and prepare for online work from home, should it be required with students next term. 

Again, student health & well-being will be a focus.  Students will be supported daily, with home learning tasks, relevant to their abilities and Victorian Curriculum based. 

Further details on the roll-out will be communicated following the Easter long weekend. 

For now, please stay safe, healthy and follow warnings - this is a global pandemic.  My thoughts are with the vulnerable and those facing the reality of job loss and hardships. 

I hope you manage to enjoy a great Easter period as well and our Bunny visits all!

I wish you all well.  We will get through this difficult time.