Welcome and thanks


Welcome to Term 3 and thank you to students and staff who have welcomed me so warmly to Cecil Hills High School.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to support students on their educational pathway. 


As an educator with a background in teaching English, I am particularly passionate about literacy, student wellbeing and attendance, community engagement and supporting staff in their professional learning. 


I am looking forward to meeting and working with many more students and their families throughout 2020 and beyond.

Year 7 2021

Our Year Advisers, Learning Support and Welfare staff are all busily preparing for Year 7, 2021. Staff have been visiting students in our partner primary schools, and will continue to do so throughout Term 3, observing them in their work and talking to their teachers to make their transition to high school smooth and enjoyable.


If you have a child starting high school next year, please take the opportunity to start the conversation about this important life event.


An important way to get ready for high school (and to improve your skills in all subjects if you are already at Cecil Hills High School) is to work on your literacy skills. 


Did you know this about the impact of reading?


Julia Cremin

Deputy Principal - Year 6 and Support Unit