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Successful White Card course  recipients receive their SafeWork NSW Certificates

Year 7 Kicking goals!


This week, Mr Wilcox and Mr Carluccio will be kicking off a new program for year 7 called GOALS. This program will give students the skills they need to be confident and active members of the school community and to build positive relationships with their peers and teachers and understand their personal role in building respect, trust, and honesty whilst at school. Students will be working through topics such as:

  • Positive relationships (with peers and teachers)
  • Building Confidence
  • Goal Setting
  • Anger Management
  • Online Safety
  • Cyberbullying

Working together

Working together will be a major focus for Year 7 that will continue throughout our journey together over the coming years. For a long time, there has been an unofficial school motto here at Cecil of "work with your teachers". When this happens, students and teachers are able to focus on learning and enjoy a positive and harmonious journey through school. At an assembly this week, the focus was on "working with each other" and what to do if a problem does arise. It has been great to see the way that Year 7 have been working together and their answers during the assembly were very mature and impressive. We look forward to seeing these friendships and teamwork continue to grow under the guidance of Ms Cupac and Mr Wilcox. 

Year 10 - Decision time!

Over the next two weeks, Year 10 will be making some very important and exciting decisions. During Week 3, they will be provided with a great deal of information about the HSC and the subjects that are available to them in Years 11 and 12. In Week 4, students will attend an interview to discuss their initial choices and the suitability of these choices in relation to their current performance and future goals. Parents and carers will be invited to be involved in these interviews, either online or over the phone and should have already received their interview time. It is important to remember that every student is different and that there are many different paths someone can take to achieve a goal. We ask that Year 10, parents and carers read all of the information provided and ask many questions before making final selections. Good luck!


Michael Lane

Deputy Principal - Year 7 and Year 10