Year 12 this term


On Monday 27 July, Year 12 participated in their second Elevate workshop. This session was all about “Acing Your Exams” and took students through ways to revise for their upcoming Trial Examinations as well as the HSC in Term 4. 


In these sessions, students learned some tips and tricks for in the exam room as well as some handy ways to prepare effectively.    


“Overall, the program was beneficial and the presenter was able to provide real life examples from personal experiences on mistakes they made and how to properly fix them.”  Kevin


"I rate the program pretty high as it helps us think about how to achieve the mark we want and how to properly prepare for exams."   Claudia


"It was an extremely good program and I will use some of the techniques in the future." Chloee


"It was helpful in finding mistakes and attacking them".  Alan

Trial Examinations


Year 12 Trial Examinations begin on Monday 10 August and will continue until the 24 August. Students have been issued an examination timetable. They are reminded to ensure they are at the door of their examination room at least 30 minutes before every exam. Students should also read the examination information they have been given carefully. 


Good luck to all students!


T Robinson and K Fagan

Year 12 Advisers