For the love of reading

Our School Library Book collection

Have you ever wondered how we decide which books to purchase for our school library?


We have a “Book Request” whiteboard in the library, which is available to all students wishing to make book purchase suggestions. The whiteboard is very popular, with students making some great book suggestions!   We are eagerly awaiting  for our latest book order to arrive – can’t wait to receive all those lovely new books!

Interview with Eliah Oraha

You may recall meeting Eliah in the last edition of our school newsletter. Here’s Eliah pictured in front of our Book Request whiteboard. 



I had a quick chat with Elijah today and here’s what he had to say:


I’ve read all the Seven Sign series that are available in the Library which is up to the fourth book. So I would really like the Library to buy the other three for me-at the back of the books it will show you all the books in order. 


At the moment I’m reading “Tangle Wreck” and the first time it caught my interest was when I saw the cover which looks really time related and that’s because it is time related! In the book, time is unstable in every part of the world. There are time tornadoes which is basically like a real-life tornado which either blows you forward or back in time and you land in that time period.  Then there are time traps where time stands completely still. The main antagonist in the story is Silver who is resourceful and courageous who is against time itself to save the world.


Something about reading  -  it’s really gratifying when you finish a book. It is like you enter another dimension when you are in the world of your own. I would always say to other people that they should try reading - start out with a small novel if you want-   you can learn more words from a book to increase your vocabulary and increase your English skills.  Series books are great too because if you like the first book you can keep on reading!  I’m adding all the books I’ve read to the Premier’s Reading Challenge and this year, I really want to complete the Challenge!

Library Cards

In other news, Library Cards have been distributed to students in Years 7, 9, 11 and 12. The school value of being respectful means students at Cecil Hills High School understand the expectation that they will bring their Library Cards and other equipment to school every day.  If Library Cards are lost, replacement cards can be purchased. Students pay $7-00 at the School Office, bring their receipt to the Library staff and a new card will be ordered.


Every child deserves a book


Encourage your child to put down their phone or tablet and pick up a book to read! Looking at purchasing books for your children? 


Here's the latest edition of the Scholastic Book Club magazine


Supporting your child

I’m very confident that all students feel comfortable asking the Library staff for help. If any student need assistance in any way, be it about your Library card, finding the right book, research help, printing, the Library staff are always here for you.


Yours in Reading


Mrs J Green

Teacher Librarian