Our leadership journey

2020 Senior Student Leadership team


With my schooling life slowly coming to an end, it is safe to say that this journey has been life changing. Being part of the Student Representative Council (SRC) has strongly contributed to this. The skills, knowledge and lessons learnt within the SRC has played an important role in my huge desires and dreams for the future. 


In saying this, my experience wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing SRC team we have, in particular our SRC Coordinators, Ms Occhiuto and Ms Golijan.  They have not only guided us but have also developed us into the best possible students we can be. 


I am also extremely proud of my role as School Captain. This fortunate opportunity to not only become a role model for younger students, but to also be a leader within the school, plays a major part in my drive to continue what I do. 


As I move on from high school, I highly recommend to all students,  no matter what year you are in, to consider any leadership opportunities when the time comes as the experiences will be truly unforgettable.  Never let any opportunity go to waste!


Finally, make the most out of your schooling life as time flies faster than you can imagine. Good luck and thank you to everyone.

Nicholas Xue

School Captain - 2020




Attending Cecil Hills High School from Year 7 all the way to Year 12 has proven  - time goes by in the blink of an eye!  I cannot stress enough the importance of enjoying your time here; building knowledge, making friends and improving yourself as a person. Being here for six years has been an eye-opening experience for me in the most positive way. The teachers, the friendships, the school environment… I have learnt so much from every aspect. 


I cannot believe I am graduating soon, I will definitely miss everything, from the daily laughter I share with my peers to the canteen’s brownies. A truly memorable experience it has been.

Cassie Chau

Vice Captain - 2020




Leadership has been a significant aspect of my life that has been utilised since a very young age. I have always been a hard-working, dedicated and athletic student. Since being in primary school, I have been involved in numerous school initiatives and extra-curricular activities. As such, my sports involvement and coaching of a variety of sports including  basketball, swimming, AFL and ultimate Frisbee, I have always interacted with numerous teachers and other students. I was greatly inspired to follow suit of my team captains and leaders to strive to mentor, guide and assist those who need it the most so that a strong, enjoyable environment can be sustained. I always loved taking up the role of a leader on the front line, but ironically, I was initially extremely hesitant due to being scared of being judged. Eventually, I came to overcome this idea and decided to step forward in Year 8 to begin my leadership journey on the sporting field, Which eventually led me to join the SRC in Year 11 before attaining the position of School Vice Captain in Year 12. 


With this acquired experience, motivation and desire to make the community a better place, as well as to help all those who are in need, I have to say is one of the best choices that I have made in life, and one that I will never come to regret!

Luke Thai

Vice Captain - 2020




Hi, I am Sian Lim and I am currently the SRC Representative for Year 12. My time at Cecil Hills High has been extremely eventful, with highs and lows and everything that comes in between. I clearly remember my first day at Cecil Hills high school. I was beginning Year 10 and had just finished my first year of high school in Australia. As soon as I entered the school I was immediately welcomed with lots of smiles and warm greetings. This very quickly reduced my anxiety that was associated with being the ‘new kid’ at school. I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to start my journey in Australia. 


This motivated me to nominate myself as an SRC representative as I wanted to continue this cycle of support for all students at Cecil Hills High School.  As an SRC member, I have been privileged with many opportunities to network with students and teachers and has provided me with a better sense of compassion and empathy.


I am very grateful to Miss Occhiuto and Miss Golijan for being such great role models for all of the SRC team - your teachings and your advice will continue to guide us, even once we have graduated. To the rest of the SRC team -  thank you for being so accepting and so much fun. With the crazy year we have had, I am beyond grateful for all of the experiences we had together - even if it was only for a short time. 


A message to other students of Cecil Hills High School -  if you ever wonder whether or not to nominate yourself as an SRC representative - please do it. The role itself is extremely fulfilling and it will challenge you in the best ways possible. Don’t let your fear hold you back -  you will miss every opportunity if you don't try. 

Sian Lim 

Senior SRC Representative