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Pictured - Year 7 Literature Circles

On Wednesday 4th November Greater Shepparton Secondary College farewelled the graduating class of 2020. The staff at GSSC and families of our students could not be prouder of the achievements of our students, in what has been the most unprecedented year in the history of Greater Shepparton. 


We all acknowledge the challenges that faced our students in 2020 and we commend their resilience, perseverance, aspiration and integrity. Our 2021 Year 12 students will start their journey in Orientation week 

commencing 23rd November.


High Abilities Program (Caitey Wilton)

This term we have had two students from the McGuire Campus and one student from the Wanganui Campus selected to participate in an extension Maths program run by Virtual Schools Victoria. 


All three students seem to be enjoying their time in the program and doing well. The program will run for the entirety of the term, with more students likely to be selected in 2021.



Year 7 Literature Circles

Year 7 students have started studying the topic ‘Literature Circles’ in English. 7R thoroughly enjoyed a reading focused session on Friday the 30th October.


The students arranged themselves into small groups, selected a picture story book to read and then discussed and answered questions before, during and after reading. Each participant had a turn at reading and students had meaningful conversations about the text that they chose.


Year 12 Formal Day – Monday 2 November

As we are all aware, this year has thrown significant challenges that tested us all, but especially the year 12s. With all the milestone events such as Athletics Day and Valedictory cancelled, it was Year 12 student Claire Hardy who seized the opportunity to plan a dress up day as COVID restrictions eased. 


The very last Monday of their schooling life had a formal theme which saw dresses, heels, suits and ties being pulled out of the cupboard and dusted off by students and staff alike. 


Special mention to Mr Fox for his top hat and Mr Sciacca’s bow tie. Floyd Vincitorio showed off his pins in a borrowed mini dress and Siya Kisimba and Becky Awan spared no effort on their makeup and hair! It was a fabulous day to celebrate the resilience and drive demonstrated by the class of 2020. Congratulations!





Our School Improvement Team have been able to begin again on our Mooroopna Campus.  I have been delighted to participate in Learning Walks with one of our Year 9 students Gemma Mousdale. Learning Walks allow us to gather data on how our students are learning.  We thank our classroom teachers and students who are sharing their journey with us. 


With the impact of COVID-19 our PE department have been limited with the experiences they have been able to offer.  However, we are now able to offer local excursions.  


The HPE team have been working with community sports groups to ensure that our students have an opportunity to experience a variety of sports.  


Our students have been able to experience a range of local sports including lawn bowls, gold and croquet.  The students have definitely enjoyed themselves and the expertise from local sports people has been appreciated.



VCE Dance

Two of our Year 12 Dance students, Claudia McKenzie (pictured in red) and Abbigail Makin (in grey) were invited to perform their Unit 4 Composition Solos, from their recent Performance Examination, as a part of this week’s Riverlinks Live session. 


The Live session was held on Wednesday 11th November at 7.30pm. Apart from our amazing Dance duo, the Riverlinks Live session included singing, monologues, instrumentals and more. 


The girls did an amazing job. If you missed it, have a look via the link. You can check out Hayley at the 25.40 minute mark and Angelina/Belle at 36.55 minute mark.




Visy Café 

Our Year 11 VCAL students have been keeping our staff well caffeinated, running a coffee shop out of the VISY kitchenette. Students are developing their customer service and money handling skills, as well as learning how to use a professional standard coffee machine. 


Parks Victoria Sugar Glider Nesting Boxes 

Throughout 2020, Year 11 and 12 students have built thirty Squirrel Glider nesting boxes and ten red gum seats using materials recycled from the Shepparton High School site.  


The students finalised their project by delivering the boxes to the Parks Victoria Community Engagement Officer, Emma Banting, and were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. See the student report from Taj Richard's on the 'Student Work' page.


Photo courtesy of Shepparton News. 


Year 11 revision and exams: 

Our Year 11 VCE students have started revision for their end of year exams, which will take place in their classes on the week of November 16th-20th. 


Following exams, Year 11 students will complete a week of orientation in their Year 12 classes to conclude their year. Year 11 VCAL students have the opportunity to complete work experience in the last two weeks of term.  






Megan Michalaidis


Associate Principal of Teaching & Learning