Student Work

Art by Nakyah Surha-Briggs of 7J



Its great to see students at the Mooroopna campus enjoying all the elective technology classes.  Nathan has just finished the design of his small coffee table completing his isometric drawing before starting his orthogonal drawing. All a part of the drawing component of his common assessment task. Nathan should have his table completed in time for the end of the semester.


YEAR 11 VCAL FOOD DRIVE (Personal Development Skills)


As part of our Year 11 VCAL Personal Development Skills class at the McGuire Campus we looked at issues in our local community and decided on an activity to support the homeless in Shepparton. We emailed staff asking for donations of food and placed a notice in the newsletter asking parents if they could donate food for our project. 


We want to thank everyone who supported us with donations that we were able to hand over on Thursday 12th November from Shepparton Food share. We are grateful that we were given the opportunity to participate in this project. 

                                                                                                  Fatana Faizi and Ammar Majeed







Bella Barton, Year 8 Mooroopna, has displayed a talent for writing poetry during Reading & Writing.


Nice work Bella!