Student Report

  Squirrel Glider boxes - VCAL Project

On Friday it was great for us to be able to meet Emma Banting from Parks Victoria again, where we handed over the 30 squirrel glider nesting boxes and  red gum bench seats at Reedy Swamp, near William Orr GoTafe. Emma visited our classroom at the start of the year and talked about problems involving the squirrel glider. It’s habitat was being overtaken by Indian Mynar birds that were taking over tree hollows for their own nests, leaving the squirrel gliders to fend for themselves in the open. Feral cats and birds of prey were also predators causing the squirrel gliders to find other areas to live in. The squirrel glider numbers were diminishing in and around Shepparton.


The squirrel glider project has been great for us to work as a team knowing that we are assisting with the return of squirrel gliders in our area. We’ve had great fun using power tools working on our environmental project.  I’m looking forward to continuing to support Parks Victoria by making more nesting boxes for them in 2021 classes. Parks Victoria are poorly funded and they really appreciated our donations and Emma has asked us to build more for them in future years!



Taj Richards

Year 11 VCAL





Students were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Parks Victoria, to recognise their hard work.