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Finishing the Year Well!

Dominic Albrighton
Dominic Albrighton

With a temperamental and unpredictable year coming to a close, you may find yourself looking for motivation or inspiration to finish it well. Personally, I am finding ways to do this by looking for new things to try, getting out with friends (being COVID safe of course) or enjoying time at my work. I have been learning to play the harmonica, skip a skipping rope and building a PC. 


With relaxed COVID restrictions, I encourage you to meet with a few friends and go for a ride, run or walk and relax in the ever pleasurable spring sunshine. As well as both of these, I have been making an attempt to become closer with a lot of my co-workers as I have spent more time with them than half of my friends this year. 


In terms of my academic habits, I have made sure to not lack in any subjects after transferring from online learning to in-school learning. I recommend that to keep yourself above and beyond the work given, you should continue to contact teachers, and make sure to allow enough time every day to fit in homework. 



Remembrance Day


Unfortunately, with COVID restrictions we were unable to organise and attend a Remembrance Day service to commemorate the fallen soldiers from WW1. However, we had to have a small ceremony in class which was still very engaging. It was great to hear the Last Post played by Mr O’Meara and reflect on those who fell to protect our country and way of life.


Dominic Albrighton | Year 10 Student