Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates assemblies on the following dates:

Friday   16th July

 Zak (PA) - For always trying his Personal Best and being a great contributor to class discussions.

Evan (PB) - For sharing your wonderful ideas during class discussions and always trying your Personal Best. Well Done Evan!

Matilda S (12A) - for being an excellent team member in a group tasks. Matilda's kind nature and compromising skills are a valuable asset to our class. Keep it up Superstar!

Jayden S (12B) - For making a super start to Term 3 and doing your Personal Best on all your learning tasks. You are doing an excellent job. Well done Jayden!

Ben B (12C) - For settling in so well back from holidays and applying Personal Best efforts to his learning. Amazing effort Ben!

Callum (34A) -  For having a fantastic start to Term 3. I have been so impressed with the level of effort you are putting into all your work. Great job, Callum! Keep it up! 

Christina V (34B) -  for researching information we will need when hatching chickens. Tina used the text features of her book to find what foods chickens eat and took notes so we can use the information when needed. Thanks Tina, you inspired your classmates to also take notes when reading to self.

Harley (34C) - For a confident presentation of your inquiry project about Redwood Forest! You were a superstar! 

Natalie (56A) - for the effort and persistence you put into all your class work. You are a wonderful role model to your classmates due to your determination to grow and learn. Keep up the great attitude!

Cooper F (56B) - for your positive attitude towards the start of Term 3. It's been great to see you look forward to the opportunity to learn, especially with our desert survivors unit inquiry. Keep it going!


Friday 23rd July

 Inara (PA) - For always trying to help her teachers and classmates. Thanks Inara!

Sayan (PB) - For having a great start to Term 3 and trying your best in class.

Amy K (12A) - for her kind and caring nature to others. Amy is always looking out for others feelings and comforting them when they're upset. We're so lucky to have her in our class!

Esther T (12B) - For settling into your new class and school so weel, and working hard to get to know your peers.  1/2B are so lucky to have another wonderful student.

Jackson S (12C) - For showing a fantastic attitude to his learning. Jackson has been really confident to give his work a go and begin independently. Well done Jackson

Tane C (34A) - For starting the term with a positive attitude. I have been so please to see you giving every task a go and making changes to your work to make it better. Great job, Tane! 

Kaiden A (34B) - for his enthusiasm and curiosity about our topic 'Hatching Chickens' Kaiden is sharing his knowledge about the topic and thinking of the ethical problems and solutions if we hatch roosters. Great issues to discuss Kaiden!

Anais (34C) - For showing the Tribes value of Attentive Listening, making good choices and contributing to class discussion! Well done Anais! 

Isabelle (56A) - for your contributions to class discussions and listening skills. You may ask many great questions and demonstrate a curiosity about many of the topics covered in class. Keep up the great learning.

Abtin G (56B) - for the positivity, energy and excitement you bring to our classroom. I have really enjoyed seeing how you've immersed yourself in learning about the gold rush and developing your character for camp!