Year 7

Year 7, 2020

The year 7’s of 2020 have had a very interesting year so far! They have had to very quickly adapt to virtual learning environments, build new friendships in their form groups and in general familiarize themselves with high school life. To say they have taken these challenges in their stride is an understatement. They have truly shown resilience and dedication to their learning. 


On top of this crazy first year of high school, the year 7’s had an opportunity to apply for class captains. The class captains play a very important role in supporting and representing their form groups. We are very proud of all the applicants and we, as the coordinators, wanted to take this opportunity to introduce to the Thornbury High School community the Year 7 class captains of 2020…


Congratulations to our Year 7 class captains of 2020!


Our amazing class captains had the opportunity to work with their coordinators last week to draft a letter to the future Year 7 students of THS to provide them with some vital information about how life at THS works. Despite the obvious challenge, the class captains were incredible at running a google meet and discussing their views and additions to the letter. 



All in all, despite the Year 7 building being very quiet, our Year 7’s are working hard at home during remote learning 2.0. We look forward to having them all back at school making a racket and keeping us busy. 


Pieter, Ariana & Georgia

Year 7 team