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Queen's Scout Awarded to Thornbury's Elizabeth York

The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest award in the Venturer section of Scouting (ages 15-18). It’s aim is to widen the interests and knowledge of those who chose to undertake it, by both challenging and encouraging them. 

The Award requires the completion of 17 badges. 13 badges are completed under the Venturer Award ‘standard’ which requires a minimum of 10 hours of effort over a period of 3 months, for each badge. 4 badges are completed under the Queen’s Scout ‘standard’, which requires a minimum of 30 hours of effort over a period of 6 months, for each badge.


The award also requires Venturers to undertake activities in the four main areas of, Leadership, Personal Growth, Outdoor Activities and Community Involvement. 

By undertaking the Queen’s Scout Award I have been able to challenge myself and become more involved in the communities in which I am involved. 

For my Venturer Award level Service badge I was able to be part of Thornbury High’s SRC and organise a hockey team for years 9/10. For my Lifestyles badge I was able to participate in this Hockey team. 


For my Queen’s Scout standard badges, I participated in Thornbury High’s production of “Thorn of the Dead” as one of the Assistant Production Manager, for my Pursuits badge.  For my Outdoors badge I decided to bike ride, which did lead to me being followed by a bull for a small part of the Great Victorian Rail Trail.

 I was a Youth Helper for my Group’s Cub Scout section (ages 7-10), assisting the leaders with the weekly program activities. I enjoyed this as each week the cubs found a new way to make me laugh.

This Award has allowed me to discover more about myself and develop new skills which will be useful throughout my life.