Middle School Report

Message from the Director of Learning

- Mr. Tom Tahos

We have passed the middle of the term when the focus is on semester reports, various excursions,  and, most importantly, students start considering course and subject choices for 2019.

  • It is an important time where you need to continue engaging fully in classroom activities.
  • Ensure that you are attending every class, on time, ready to get involved.
  • Ensure that you are arriving to school in the correct school winter uniform.

Mr. Tom Tahos

Year 9 Health Expo


On Friday 25th May, all Year 9 students were fortunate enough to participate in a Health Expo. There were 5 different activities that were led by  community groups.


Below is some information from each workshop:


Headspace: Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation that is for young people aged 12-25. The organisation helps people with mental health and wellbeing, general health, alcohol and other drug services, and issues at school, work or study.


Kingston Youth Services: Supply free services for young people aged 12-25. If you would like to attend the Kingston Youth Services, they provide: a hang-out area (free drop-in), a music program, homework support, counselling sessions, social groups, different competitions to enter and win prizes, and many more. Today, we even got a few free pens, information pamphlets and a little sugary snack (which was a bonus)!


Bullying: Our third workshop was on the issue of bullying. Here, we talked about different types of bullying, scenarios of bullying and what you should do when you are involved in a bullying situation.


South East Community Links: Have many activities that benefit youth, such as: helping with homework clubs; a youth leadership group - which is a group of students (14-21 years of age) from different schools, who meet once a month and build their leadership skills; School Holiday activities – this year, are basketball, soccer and badminton tournaments, and assistance with employment (help build a resume and give advice when applying for jobs). These are just a few activities they can offer, and if you want more information, they can be contacted via email or phone.


Victorian Police: The final workshop we participated in was one taken by a police officer from the Victorian Police. He went over: consequences of irresponsible alcohol consumption, safe partying tips (for youths), drinking laws (for youths), standard drinks, a brief overview of the prices of some fines and what would happen if a person underage was found with alcohol in public.


All Year 9s had a very enjoyable time and appreciate those people from the community, who took time out of their day to come and see us, and especially Ms Christalia for the preparation of this workshop.


Thank you,


Year 9 

Important note:

Years 9-12 Careers Expo

Monday, 18th June

11.30am to 3pm

Open to parents and guardians!


Please contact our office  on 9546 3233 for further details.

Year 10 VicRoads Incursion


On Tuesday the 29th of May, all Year 10s had an incursion with presenters from VicRoads. The road smart in-class session, allowed students to identify and explain the factors that affect the safety on roads as drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The students will be ready to investigate to find out how safe their first car will be before they buy it! 


Ms. Loan Luong-Nguyen

Year 10 Coordinator/Science Coordinator

Year 10 Jewish Holocaust Museum Excursion


On Monday 28th May, Year 10 students travelled by train to the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick.


The tour of the Museum enabled the students to learn more about this important historical period during World War Two, and how people can remember and commemorate those murdered during the Holocaust.


Students had the privilege of listening to a Holocaust survivor talk about their experiences during the war and what happened to their family and friends. The students were then able to explore the museum with the help of the many volunteers, who explained all the different exhibits.


Some of the students' comments were:

“The best thing about the visit was listening to the survivor”


“It perfectly explained the ideology of the Nazis and the reality of life in the concentration camps”


“Don’t hate”


“I was emotionally touched by the pictures of the people in the camps”


“It was a unique experience”


It was a thoroughly worthwhile educational experience for the Global Literacy students, as it gave them a ‘real-life’ glimpse of the horrors experienced by the victims of this time in history, as well as cementing their previous learning on World War Two and the Holocaust.


Ms. Sue Stenning, Ms. Sian Moore, Ms. Laura Good, Mr. James Graewolfe and Ms. Sara Kwestroo  - Global Literacy Teachers