Queen's Birthday Honorary Award

On the evening of Friday 6 September, Keifan O’Reeri attended a special ceremony at the Government House in Perth, where he witnessed his grandmother, Mary O'Reeri being presented by  Kim Beazley AC,  Governor of Western Australia with the 'Queen's Birthday Honorary Award - Public Servant Medal'.

“Australia has a system of honours and awards to recognise, celebrate and say thank you — to those who make a difference, who achieve their best, who serve others and whose actions have set them apart and enrich our community across a broad range of professional, public and community service fields. Our honours help to demonstrate those values that we as a nation hold dear — compassion, civility, dedication, courage, kindness, tolerance, and energetic ambition.”

Mary received this honour for outstanding public service through contributions to improved outcomes for the Indigenous community, particularly in the Kimberley. It was a special moment for Keifan's family and a time he will get to cherish for the rest of his life!



The school wishes to acknowledge and congratulate the O’Reeri family on this very special achievement!


Bradley Gardner 

Teaching Staff