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Scienceworks 3/4 C 

On Friday 24th May, all Grade 3/4 students went on our first excursion for the year to Scienceworks! Students were able to explore the ‘Think Ahead’ and ‘Sportsworks’ areas, as well as enjoy an iPad information hunt in the 'Pumping Station' and a ‘Cool Stuff’ science show hosted by Owen. Everyone had a great day and learnt so much!


I loved learning about all of the science things and I loved the pumping station – Leia, 3/4C

One thing I liked was the 'Cool Stuff' show because it was interesting and had cool facts – Rory, 3/4C

Out of all the things at Scienceworks I loved making our future transport – Lucy, 3/4C

I liked the 'Cool Stuff' show because I learnt about the sixth state matter and I had lots of fun there! – Miette, 3/4C