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Spotlight on Literacy

I cannot believe that we only have two weeks to go until the end of Term 1! It has been a very positive start to the year with so much learning taking place! I would like to thank the teachers for all of their hard work in ensuring that our students experience engaging and meaningful learning tasks.


Referencing my above comment on engaging and meaningful learning tasks, in Grade 2/3, the students are producing a persuasive writing piece about what we should buy with the money raised from our Colour Run fundraiser. This task is an example of connecting student experiences with their learning. I am interested to read what ideas the students come up with!


The Grade 1 students have been using their Writer's Notebook to write their ideas following on from an experience, in this case, bird watching under Gumbuya! Following on from this experience, the teachers assisted the students in their writing by:

  • prompting the students to reflect on this experience
  • asking questions to elicit details about the experience through more detailed language
  • assisting students to rehearse the ideas they will be writing about.


Nightly reading is a crucial component of your child's development. The below infographic highlights the importance of regular, nightly reading




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