A Message from David...

STEM Family Night

We had such a fantastic STEM Family Night on Tuesday. The annual family evening is such an important event as it provides an opportunity for our whole community to get together and to welcome our newest families. This year we used the event to launch our STEM program and to give families a glimpse into what the students get to do during STEM. I would like to thank Janine and the student STEM leaders for the tremendous job they did putting this event together and making sure everything ran smoothly. The night was a huge success!


Welcome to Altona Green

Manaia (a previous AGPS student) recently produced this video promoting our wonderful school. Check it out!



We want all kids to come to school every day. Every day counts – each day a student misses puts them behind and has flow-on effects:


We understand that there are circumstances where your child cannot attend school but we encourage all parents and carers to prioritise and promote attendance - school is better when your child is here! Please see this article for further information.


Jen Armstead is our school's attendance officer. Her role is to monitor attendance and support families that may be having difficulty getting their child to school. Please contact Jen if you have any questions or concerns about attendance.

Colour Explosion

One week to go!! There is a buzz of excitement for this event as it is one of the highlights of many of our students (and staff!). Whilst the event is a lot of fun, it is also a really important fundraiser for our school. Amazingly, we have almost reached our target due to the generous donations of people within and beyond our community - THANK YOU. 


We would really appreciate it if everyone could continue to promote the event and collect as many donations as possible. Every little bit helps!


Please see the Parents and Friends page in this newsletter for further information about the event.

A Note from Jenny

As previously stated we want all our students to attend school unless they are ill.  This year the Department are monitoring student absences in our region and are in contact with me regularly to see how we are lowering our absenteeism throughout the school. I kindly ask parents to put their child's absence on Compass. Please do not change the times, they are to remain 8:00am - 5:00pm.  If your child is going to be late due to an appointment please do not put it on Compass, Jenny will do that when your child signs in at the office.


To stop the amount of interruptions to classes during learning time Jenny will be making all announcements at the end of the day, please remind your child in the morning that they are attending OSHC and refrain from calling the office unless really necessary.


If you do have to collect your child early from school can you please collect them at the following times so we are not disrupting the classes:






Reminder that Cl@ssroom Cuisine is available on Mondays and Wednesdays (we don't get many orders for Mondays)

Working Bee

The skies threatened to open up all morning (and I am sure some of the exhausted volunteers were hoping they would!) but thankfully the weather was kind enough for a very productive working bee. Trish and I are so thankful to the families that gave up their valuable weekend time to shovel, spray, sweep, dig, paint and scrub to make our outdoor areas look amazing. THANK YOU!!

School Council

Thank you to the parents that nominated to be on our school council. It was great to see a number of parents interested as having a strong, supportive and dedicated school council is a key to helping our school continually improve.


The parent members of school council members are:

  • Dan Robson
  • Victoria Reynolds
  • Haley Ballingall
  • Nathan Arundell
  • Trever Berens
  • Michelle Tyson
  • Stacey McLean
  • Matthew Stewart

The first meeting of school council will be held Thursday 25th March at 6:30pm following the AGM at 6pm.





I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing weekend and I hope your footy teams win (except any Fremantle supporters!!).


Take care,