Term 3    2020


How secure is your password? This was one of the areas that year 7s recently looked at during a ‘remote’ incursion. 

Through Optus’ ‘Digital Thumbprint’ program every class in years 7 – 9 participated in an engaging session aimed at building students’ digital awareness and increasing their online safety.  The year 7 program focused on cybersecurity – setting strong passwords and developing and maintaining safe privacy settings. The year 8 cohort investigated the importance of being digitally authentic and considered cyber bullying scenarios, whilst year 9 students looked at the power of social media and the need to be digitally discerning students.  Big thanks to Dom, the engaging presenter who spent over 3 weeks with our students building their skills and awareness during these fun and informative sessions.   

Wondering how long it would take a computer to crack your password? Try it out at