Sport News

Term 3   2020

Cycling Academy

Dromana College cycling academy has had to find new and creative ways to make learning remotely fun and different whilst staying 5km around home.

We have been doing skill based activities, such as the ‘Treasure Hunt’, where we had to take a photo of ourselves in different locations.

Some of the challenges included near your local shop, over a built trail feature, beside a stop sign and even riding near an animal.

As Cycling coaches we would like the treasure hunt to be a way for everyone to participate and have a ride whilst searching for different objects.

 You will see in the picture that we were tasked to take a photo of us going down  stairs. 

Scarlet Baker Cycling Academy Coach



Term 3 Health and Physical Education 

Year 7 Trip Around Australia Challenge   

The distance around mainland Australia is approximately 14,500km. The Year 7's collectively did 22,000km! Congratulations to 7MU who travelled the furthest as a form.

2nd place - 7TJ        3rd place - 7IL

A fantastic effort from Sara Hickson 7BU who travelled the furthest out of the Year 7's with the grand total of 498km. Special mention goes to the following students who travelled the furthest in their form:



7DA River Rohde7GU Luca Scales7II Storm Dawtrey 7LO Dylan Street7MU Austin Greer7NU Grace Barnes7PA Nick Appleford7TA Harry Simmons7TH Phoebe O'Toole7TJ Asher Butler7TU Lily Carter7WI Jade Hughes7YO James Reynold7YU Isabella Hunt


Prizes and certificates will be awarded next term! Congratulations to all those students who participated,


During remote learning it is even more important to stay physically active, not only for our physical health and wellbeing but also our mental health and wellbeing. To promote the importance of being active, our HPE team decided to run year level challenges for the students. 

DISTANCE CHALLENGE Senior Students vs Staff

The Challenge was to see who could travel furthest in a week. Our Senior Students (Yrs 10-12) or Staff. Individuals could walk, ride or run. It was tight competition with 21 students and 22 staff competing. Thank you to Joel Fraser  (HPE student leader) for collating. 

Students  815.20 km     Staff 753.11 

Great win students. 💪 Thanks to all who participated. A shout out to Lawson Duff who completed 435.46 km in a week. Incredible!


HPE Week Year Level Challenges

Three challenges were offered at each year level with prizes for the best and random prizes for effort.


Are you the most dedicated Sports Fan in your year level? The challenge was to see if any students were more dedicated than Mr Rolls with his NBA jerseys.


Winners were:

Year 7: Leon Bangs, Emma Unsworth 

            Noteworthy: Finn Collins

Year 8: Nikkita Hughes



Students had to come up with the best trick shot they could think of. Are they as clever as Mr Johnson? 

Year 7:  Stan Smith      Alicia Kelso

Year 8: Oliver Craig

Year 9/10: Jake Over

Year 11/12: Calen Richmond



How far can you and a partner throw an egg before it smashes?

Year 7: Coen Crooke  Helena Lawrence

Year 8: Harvey Stuart (an incredible 50m)

Most Creative : Claire Baxter,  Nathan Lim,

Jade Ashleigh Santamaria