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Term 3   2020

Casper Dates – Education/Teaching Degrees 2021 – all uni’s


Students applying to study teaching or education courses at any university must successfully complete the CASPer test, which is an online situational judgement test measuring non academic suitability for teaching. The following dates are set for students undertaking courses in 2021.

  • Thursday October 8, 11am
  • Sunday November 15, 1pm
  • Tuesday December 8, 8pm

Sitting the CASPer test is COMPULSORY for education courses. You will not be considered for your Education/Teaching course in 2021 if you do not sit the test.

Deakin University is holding a CASPer webinar: Wednesday 16, September 5-6pm


Register here:


Book CASPer test here:



Monash Guarantee and SEAS

Life can be a bumpy road, and there are all sorts of circumstances that can get in the way of a student’s academic achievement.

The Monash Guarantee and the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) – can help students enter their preferred course, even if their ATAR is below the lowest selection rank.


By having two schemes, Monash wants to create a level playing field for everyone who aspires to an exceptional education.  By operating both schemes, Monash can also help as many students as possible reach their full potential.

Students do not have to choose between the two schemes – depending on their situation and background, they could be eligible for one or both.


The Monash Guarantee can get a student into a Monash course even if they do not reach the course’s lowest selection rank.  Students could be eligible for the Monash Guarantee if they:

So, every Monash undergraduate degree has a 

Monash Guarantee ATAR, which is lower than the expected selection rank for that course.  For most courses, if a student meets the 

eligibility criteria, achieves the Monash Guarantee ATAR (starting at 70.00), and completes all course prerequisites, they will be eligible for a place at Monash.  To be considered for the Monash Guarantee, Year 12 students must submit a VTAC course application, complete a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application including any required documentation, and complete a VTAC Scholarship application.


Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)

SEAS adjusts a student’s ATAR in recognition of circumstances that may have affected their education.  This gives students a better chance of getting an offer for the course they want.  Monash uses this adjusted ATAR for selection into a course. 

Find out more at Monash SEAS


The University of Melbourne Entry Schemes

Guaranteed Entry Scheme


The University offers four types of guaranteed entry pathways to its professional entry graduate courses. For each pathway, students must enrol in an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne to be eligible. A guaranteed entry is available for most graduate degrees, depending on the ATAR a student achieves: 

ATAR of 99.90+Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship

A Guaranteed Commonwealth Supported Place in one of the Graduate Course Guarantee Courses for students who meet the prerequisite course and entry requirements for the master degree.

Visit Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship to find out more specific details about the exact value of the scholarship for domestic and International students.

ATAR of 96.00 – 99.85

Domestic students  will be guaranteed a CSP place in a professional entry master’s (coursework) degree from a select list if they satisfy the course prerequisites.  In most cases they need to achieve a particular weighted average mark (GPA) in their undergraduate degree as well. 

International students will be guaranteed an international fee place in a professional entry master’s (coursework) degree from a select list if they satisfy the course prerequisites.  In most cases they need to achieve a particular weighted average mark (GPA) in their undergraduate degree as well.

Visit Courses for ATARs 96 and above to find out which courses apply and the exact GPA required.

ATAR above 94.00A guaranteed Australian fee* or international fee place into one of a limited list of graduate programs for students who commence and complete an undergraduate course at the University of Melbourne with a GPA of 75% and meet the prerequisites for the graduate degree.  Visit Courses for ATARs 94 and above to find out which courses apply.There are a number of CSP courses available too*
ATAR below 94.00

These guaranteed entry pathways into limited graduate courses are based on academic performance in a current University of Melbourne undergraduate degree and are not subject to any ATAR requirement.  Eligibility will also be based on meeting the prerequisites for the graduate degree.

Visit Course Guarantees without an ATAR to find out more.

Access Melbourne

Access Melbourne is special entry and access scheme offered by the University of Melbourne to domestic students.  By applying through Access Melbourne, students can be assured that any circumstances that have affected their education will be considered when the university assesses their Year 12 results.  Access Melbourne can assist eligible students to enter a course even if their ATAR is below the lowest selection ranked ATAR and to also be considered for a scholarship.


Year 12 students can apply using one or more of the following categories:


  • Disadvantaged financial background
  • Applicants from rural or isolated areas
  • Under-represented school
  • Difficult circumstances
  • Disability or medical condition
  • Non-English-speaking background
  • Recognition as an Indigenous Australian



Access Melbourne categories that provide a guaranteed entry are: 

  • Disadvantaged financial background
  • Applicants from rural or isolated areas

Students eligible to apply as a rural or financially disadvantaged student, and meet course prerequisites, may apply for guaranteed entry to the University of Melbourne with an -ATAR of 78.00 for a place in Design or Science

ATAR of 80.00 for a place a place in Arts

ATAR of 88.00 for a place a place in Commerce

ATAR of 90.00 for a place a place in Biomedicine



Melbourne University now also offers guarantees for Indigenous students who meet course prerequisites and apply with an ATAR of:


  • 50.00 Arts (Extended)
  • 55.00 Science (Extended)*
  • 70.00 Design
  • 75.00 Science
  • 75.00 Arts
  • 75.00 Commerce
  • 85.00 Biomedicine


*Applicants for guaranteed entry to the Bachelor of Science (Extended) also require a study score of 25 in at least one of:   VCE unit 3/4 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, or   equivalent

Even if a student's ATAR falls below these levels, they may still be considered for a place.  To apply for the Access Melbourne scheme, students must make use of the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application on the VTAC website.  There are also several Melbourne Access scholarships available through the University's scholarships program, so students are encouraged to browse Melbourne Access Scholarships  

Visit Access Melbourne to find out more about Access Melbourne. 


The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) offers a range of courses in counselling, psychological science, and psychology & criminology.  Students keen on finding out more are encouraged to register for an online information session to learn more about a course of interest.  The sessions are focused on social work, counselling, criminology, and psychology courses, and will take place on 2 – 3 September.  Register for one or more of these sessions at ACAP Online Information Sessions.


What is a Sports Physiotherapist?

The Health Times

website indicates that sports physiotherapy is a 

specialised branch of physiotherapy, and sports physios provide advice on how to avoid sports injuries, treat injuries and help recovery for those playing recreational sport right through to elite sport.  

A sports physio is a registered physiotherapist who has achieved further study after completing a physiotherapy degree - in which students achieve an understanding of the physical, structural and the physiological aspects of human form and movement.To become a sports physio, one will first need to complete a four-year bachelor degree in physiotherapy.  Alternatively, students can complete an associated bachelor degree, such as in exercise physiology, followed by a postgraduate qualification in physiotherapy.Physiotherapists can later choose to practice in sports physiotherapy but are unable to refer to themselves as a sports physio until they have achieved titled membership of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)


  • Pathways to top US & UK Uni’s Free Webinars

Learn how to apply to world leading universities like Harvard, Oxford and more with Crimson Education's free webinars.  Visit Crimson Webinar and Workshops to see all of their upcoming events.


Snapshot of Melbourne Polytechnic in 2020

  • Melbourne Polytechnic has been delivering vocational training since 1912 and today offers a diverse range of innovative, hands-on TAFE (VET) and Higher Education (Degree) programs

In October 2014, the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) changed its name to Melbourne Polytechnic 

  • There are hundreds of courses to pick and choose from at Melbourne Polytechnic including pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and traineeships, and short courses too

  • Melbourne Polytechnic offers students a range of services, facilities and learning resources across its campuses.  There are six libraries, as well as learning services, conference facilities, restaurants and much more

  • Melbourne Polytechnic has a range of campuses including two Skills and Job Centres in Northland and Plenty Valley

  • Melbourne Polytechnic also participates in the Free TAFE for Priority courses

  • A number of scholarships are available to a range of students, and they differ from semester to semester and year to year so students are encouraged to keep an eye on what may be available to them.

Computer Science Degrees in Victoria 


Information Technology Degrees in Victoria