Term  3   2020

Trinity Williams-Eade

Celebrating VCAL Studio Art 2020

Students followed a Design Process on Portraiture.  

The first task, students used a dot to dot drawing of a famous person. Once the dot to dot was completed the students had to refine their linework and simplify the image first by using a bold pen and drawing over the dot to dot. The next step, the students had to trace the image onto another piece of paper. Students then had to select coloured paper and trace the shape, cut it out and paste it into position. Here are their artworks.  


Students in the next task transferred their revised drawing and imprinted onto the cardboard. They then had to draw the outline of the portrait and had the choice of taking layers away as well as adding mixed materials to the image. Here are some of their artwork.


Students created the paper for this next portrait known as a scratch back. Students applied oil pastel to the paper and then painted over with black paint. The original portrait was then transferred to the paper and the students then had to use a toothpick to reveal the colour underneath. Students had to apply patterns and consider colour/pattern balance in their composition. Here are some of their artwork.