Introducing our Communication  Ambassadors

Hello! My name is Isabelle and I am one of your Communication Ambassadors for 2020! Some information about me is that I am 11 years old (but people think I’m 8 or 9 because of my height). My favourite sport is Gymnastics because I enjoy learning skills. For my 9th birthday my mum surprised me with a pet fish, so I now own 24 fish at the moment and I’m hoping that I can own more in the future. My family members are my Mum (Emma), Dad (Steven) and Me!



Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m one of your communication ambassadors in 2020 and my job is to hand out notices to the Year 4s. Every lunch time I go to the office to get your notices and then I travel all the way to your class to hand the notices to your teacher. It’s great to finally do an important job to help the school. Here are somethings about me:  I am turning 11 in less than a week and I am studying for the Grade 6 AMEB piano. In my family there is my mum, my dad, my grandma and my grandpa.  I’m great in english, spelling, reading comprehension, writing, short distance running, handwriting, music, Japanese, and designing book covers. I am a fast reader and really like reading books. I like reading narratives more than persuasives because they are more interesting.


I hope you know me better now that I’ve told you some stuff about me, I’ll see you around in school!




Hello, I’m Aaron, one of the schools Communication Ambassadors for 2020. My role is to sometimes help put up the flag and to hand out notices to the Grade 3 and 4’s with Michelle. I go all the way back to Foundation in this school so it’s great to finally pay the school back by being able to play an important role in this school.


Let me tell you some things about myself. I live with my Mum, my Dad, my Grandma and my older brother. I’m twelve in May, two years younger than my brother. I enjoy playing the piano which I am studying for AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board), Series 18, Grade 4 (one grade lower than my brother's grade for piano) even though I play more advanced songs from up to much higher grades, like Turkish March from Mozart from Grade 7-8. I also started playing the Violin with our Music teacher Mr Kahans, last year. My strengths are: english, maths, long and short distance running, handwriting, music, swimming and writing. I also am a bookworm, I read about an hour to even two or three a day. My favorite genre of books are novels. In my free time (that’s when I’m not studying or on weekends), I read, practice piano (never less than forty-five minutes a day and on weekends I go to Chinese School and tuition classes. To finish things off, I will tell you a few things that I love to eat: pretty much all fruit, but blueberries are the best, Pho, plain rice and about anything with mozzarella cheese in it.


I hope you learnt something about me that you didn’t know from the paragraph above and see you around.




Hi, my name is Noahn and I’m one of your Communication ambassadors for 2020. My main job is to deliver notices to every class in the BER and I help put up and put down the flag as well. My favourite subjects are maths, science and art, but I will participate in anything if I have the opportunity. I have also been at SSPS since foundation so I know lots about the school, so if you have a question about the school don’t hesitate to come ask me! I will kindly answer your question. I want this year to be the best year out of my past school years.


Hopefully you know me a little bit more now and thank you for reading.



Hello, my name is Luke and I am one of your Communication Ambassadors for 2020. I am really excited for this year to be the best year we can all possibly achieve.


So here’s a small look into my life. I am interested in a lot of things, like maths, science, history, technology, Reddit,  politics (yes, even Australian politics) and a nice sprinkle of Donald Trump.  I also love jokes and giving them (yes, they may be bad jokes, but I’m at least trying), and I also love having a laugh and being a bit sarcastic with my friends. 


So, I really hope this gave you a small insight into me, what I am like and I hope we can go smoothly together, and I am really looking forward to 2020.  So, there isn’t much more, but to write Thanks for Reading.



Your Communications Ambassador, Luke.



Hello! My name is Ahra and I would like to tell you some things about me. I am your 2020 Communication Ambassador which is awesome! Some of my favourite foods are cheese, grapes and Oreos. In my family I have my mum and dad plus my two guinea pigs which I got approximately a month ago (called Cherry and Lunar). I love to listen to music, play the piano and flute and complete jigsaw puzzles. My favourite sport is sprints and aerobics. My favourite subject in school is literacy but I also am good at maths and like it. My most favourite thing I like to do on the weekends is spending time with my family because I rarely see my dad, only on Mondays. In my free time I like to play with my guinea pigs, draw trees, clean the house and play video games on my iPad. I started learning flute in October 2017, I started learning piano in September 2016 and I am currently learning how to play guitar and I really enjoy all of them. I also am going to a tuition called Pre-Uni New College on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday for 3-4 hours each.

Hope you know me a bit better!



From your Communication Ambassador, Ahra





Kheyaira, I’ll start with how to pronounce it: Khee.ya.e.ra. I am from India, Pune. It’s in the South of Asia. I lived in India for 10 years but then my parents thought that we should move to Australia. So I moved to Sydney and lived there for approximately 2-4 months. Until we realised that it was a very fast lifestyle which is not what we wanted.


So we thought about moving to Melbourne. I joined Syndal South Primary School. So here’s just a little bit more about myself: I want to be either a Singer, a Dancer or an Artist. I love to sing and dance more than art but if I were going to choose a more realistic job it would be a Lawyer because I am good at arguing. Just kidding I am good at Debates! I like sports such as Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and just random games. More fun facts about me: I went to kindergarten two years early that’s why I am 1 year younger than everyone else in my grade. I have never been to a water park. I am 5’1, which is a lot for an 11-year-old. And that’s probably it, so thanks for reading my life story.