Student Achievement Awards

Home groupStudentDescription
FAJamie Well done Jamie for showing great creativity when coming up with WOW words for our VCOP wall. He used words like 'scrumptious' and 'delicious' when talking about his favourite food.
FRFei FeiWell done Fei Fei on demonstrating resilience and taking an active interest in learning about Phonics. You eagerly listen to the sounds and blend them together to make a word. Well done Fei Fei!
1JThomas Well done Thomas for working hard on your narrative this week. You used an interesting Ollie Opener and a variety of WOW words to make your story more exciting for the reader. Great work!
1PMichael Well done Michael for demonstrating outstanding effort and resilience towards your Maths work. You worked very hard and discovered 12 different addition sentences to make the number 25! For example, 3 and 22 more make 25.
2HMaaike In your narrative “The Sky” you have displayed interesting vocabulary, dialogue and clear structure such as problem and solution. Your passion for writing is clear and it has made a fantastic story, well done!
2PFAnannya Anannya displayed excellent writing skills while planning, writing and editing her narrative, "The Martial Arts Competition". She included an exciting opener, fantastic vocabulary and dialogue to make her story very entertaining. Well done Anannya!
3CArcher Awesome job this week Archer when completing your maths work. You demonstrated enthusiasm and resilience whilst solving different maths problems and explained your thinking.
3PVethum Amazing effort Vethum on producing an imaginative and insightful narrative on the SSPS House Athletics. You were able to follow the correct structure of writing a narrative, incorporating the introduction, problem and solution in an organised manner and using a sizzling start and ending!
4BZiyad Well done Ziyad for your outstanding efforts in both descriptive writing and handwriting. This week you have displayed what you are truly capable of when you persevere. You have used a broad range of interesting vocabulary to describe a setting and focused hard to improve your handwriting!
4SAngel Congratulations Angel on working hard at both your reading and your number skills. You gave a great sequential retell of the book Animal Senses. You have also shown huge growth in understanding place value. Keep up the great work.
56GPVidya For demonstrating the ability to support her own and others learning through the process of giving and accepting constructive feedback, when completing a maths problem solving activity with a partner.
5IWillow Amazing job Willow on your homework this week! You have put in so much effort and shown a great understanding of how the 3 Levels of Government work. We were all so impressed and I am sure your hard work will inspire everyone else to aim higher.
5PJustin Justin has impressed me with his reflective thinking this year. He is able to analyse his own work to set great personal goals. Justin also provides both positive and constructive feedback to peers which is both specific and helpful.
6DEmmett Emmett was able to use his outstanding narrative writing skills to produce a piece of writing that catered beautifully for his audience. He demonstrated the use of connectives and descriptive language. Excellent work Emmett!
6SLoima Loima has demonstrated excellent resilience while working towards her learning goals in maths. She should be congratulated for her positive attitude towards her learning. Well done Loima!
ARTAnastasia Anastasia demonstrated creativity and excellent technique when using coloured papers to construct her ladybird. Her creation inspired other students to use some of Anastasia's ideas when making their own creations. Well Done!
PEIsha Isha is a self-motivated student who has demonstrated remarkable growth in the field of Athletics, accumulating 20 points at the recently conducted House Sports, a fantastic effort.
MUSICJeremy Jeremy, you showed great determination when working on Habanera, a difficult ukulele piece. Even though you were feeling overwhelmed by it at first, you were able to rise to the challenge, practise it at home, and now it doesn't feel so hard. Well done Jeremy!