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Year 11 Literature - Remote Learning

Due to the remote learning situation, Year 11 Literature decided to create some clips of themselves performing scenes of their choice from the Greek play, Women Of Trachis. All the students decided on costuming, makeup and the overall characterisation of who they decided to transform into. This exercise allowed for our class to delve deeper into the minds and perspectives of each of the characters and bring to life what they were experiencing in the play. From this exercise, each student was able to understand and explore each characters’ characterisation through everyone’s distinct portrayals in their performances, and also the underlying notions of the play.


These performances not only allowed for us to work together on a project in a time of isolation, but it allowed for our class to have a glimpse into each other’s perspective of the characters but more importantly, the play itself. My playing of Deianira, a warrior’s wife, allowed for the class to delve into a deeper conversation on the deconstruction of the blessings and burdens of femininity throughout the play. Through this manifestation of varying perspectives, we were all able to experience everyone’s thoughts and their individual sense of the play, helping everyone broaden their own perspective of it.


The links below are to some samples of student videos (only Nossal students and staff will be able to access these):






Steffie Perera

Year 11