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Information Resource Centre News

In the current lock down situation the Information Resource Centre has been extremely busy trying to assist staff and students with access to online resources and databases, responding to numerous queries coming from all and organising IRC’s online activities and virtual visits by authors.

Virtual Literature Circle Book Discussion

Our first very successful Virtual Literature Circle Book discussion took place on Tuesday 28 April during lunch break. It was so pleasing to see a total of 39 enthusiastic participants, including students and teachers, all eager to contribute to our online discussion about books beings read. Our next Literature Circle Book discussion will take place on Tuesday 19 May and we hope that it will be just as successful.

Virtual Author Visits

We have booked three authors to visit the school virtually and deliver lectures on the creative writing process and the value of reading widely. The acclaimed Australian author Kirsty Murray will address all Year 10s on 12 May, Will Kostakis will address all Year 9s on 13 May and Phillip Gwynne will address all Year 11s on 19 May. It is hoped that the students will take full advantage of these lectures and improve their learning outcomes as well as a range of other skills.




Kamla Reddy

Director of IRC