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House Iso-Letics

Our virtual term has led to many school events needing to be postponed or cancelled, and House Athletics, due to be run last Friday 8 May, was no exception. Whilst there are plans in place to run the carnival at a later date, it seemed fitting to mark the event with some House Spirit and physical activity to break up the routine of quarantine.


House colours began the day as students and staff sent in photos of their blue, yellow, red or green outfits. With each photo earning the House a point, over 500 selfies came flooding in. And then, after recess, we were off. Everyone had the choice of participating in ‘Field events’ or ‘Track events’, and even the option of creating a new House chant for spirit points. The sunshine spurred on members of the community as hundreds and hundreds of hours of physical activity were completed.


Some statistics from the day:

- We travelled 1853 kilometres

- We participated in well over 300 hours of activity

- Pegasus House alone collected 550km of running, walking and cycling

- Mr Pegram (GAR) went for an impressive 20km bike ride

- Ms Ball (GRI) made it a family event, taking her orange and yellow laden children for a 50-minute walk

- Some students in Pegasus even created a virtual relay race video!


The participation and effort across the day was exceptional. Nearly 50% of the school community completed some physical activity, which well exceeds our usual participation numbers at a House event. There were incredible levels of house spirit, enthusiasm, creativity and leadership, and many students and staff enjoyed the different routine of the day and the opportunity to engage with the school community in a new way.


Whilst it was not about the competition, each challenge earned points for the four Houses, providing us with the following (extremely close) results:


4th place: GARUDA (601 points)

3rd place: GRIFFIN (612 points)

2nd place: PEGASUS (659 points)

1st place: PHOENIX (668 points)

The House spirit award is awarded to Garuda for their House Colours and Chants, and highest participation came from Phoenix.


Congratulations to all involved and thank you to staff and students for their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the Iso-Letics. Fingers crossed for as beautiful weather when we can hopefully run the House Athletics carnival in Term 3!



Anita Coffa

Sports Carnival Coordinator

PSW is back!


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