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Grade 56 Sports Gala Day

On Friday 15th March, Grade 5/6s participated in four summer sports at various venues. Marlborough PS hosted Kanga Cricket and Girls Basketball.  Marlborough had two Kanga Cricket teams and a girls basketball team.  Our cricket teams finished 1st and 4th and even had a friendly play off during the tournament.

A big thank you goes to parent helpers who volunteered their time for Gala Day including Steve day and Lyn Elford, Kelly Santos, Beck Trevillian and Virginia Watson. The day ran so smoothly due to their tireless efforts.


Basketball was coached and refereed by Sheena Cronin, Volley Bounce by Shaun McClare (who won!)  and Lacrosse by Lisa Reiner.  The Croydon PS principal made special mention of the outstanding sportsmanship shown on the day.  


Once again, The Marlborough students, parents, and staff have made my job of organising the Grade 5/6 Gala Day easy.  I am grateful for all your help and proud to be part of this Marlborough Community.


Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist

Camps, Sports, Excursions Fund


For those of you who have a Health Care Card, you may be entitled to the CSEF, a total of $125 per student which can be used to pay for camps, school sport, excursions, incursions etc.  See below for a copy of the application form.


If you have submitted a form in previous years and your details are unchanged, there is no need to resubmit for 2019.


If you are unable to print a copy, please ask for one at the office.


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Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.