Pupils of the Week

These students will be presented with their certificates at the following upcoming assembly (note: There will be no assembly on Monday 25th due to TRIBES meetings) : 

Monday 1st April 

Jordy Q (PA) - For having the courage to try new things.  Jordy works quietly and with determination.  Congratulations, Jordy!  You are a SUPERSTAR worker!

Fleur M (PA) - For showing incredible kindness and empathy to others.  Fleur eagerly offers to help her peers and teachers.  We are so lucky to have you in our grade, Fleur!

Sienna M (P1B) - For being a wonderful role model for the Preps. Sienna is always helping out her younger friends and looking for ways to assist them with their work. Well done Sienna!

Cam D (P1B) - For being elected as our Junior School Council representative! Cam has been chosen because he is responsible, respectful and is a great friend. Well done Cam! 

Lucy B (1C)- For showing Attentive Listening in class time. I have been so impressed by how focused you have been and the effort you are putting in to do your Personal Best. Well done!

Asher F (1C) - For working persistently on your place value understanding. It’s been great to see all the partitioning you have been doing into tens and ones. Keep it up!

Jasmine B (23A) - For being a caring and supportive classmate.  You are always thinking of others and encouraging your peers to do their Personal Best.  You are an asset to our class, Jaz!

Ari R (23A) - For writing a very detailed and descriptive recount of the Marlborough Car Boot Sale.  Ari always tries his Personal Best and puts his best work forward.  Well done, superstar!

Harrison D (23B) - For consistently giving his Personal Best in all tasks, particularly math when learning about equivalents.  He persisted and never gave up.  Well done, Harrison and keep up the great work!

Tahlia R (23B) - For always being respectful to others.  Tahlia goes out of her way to help and encourage others.  Thank you for the positive and selfless attitude you display daily.  Keep it up!

Jake M (45A) - For his thoughtful comments, noticings and inferring about our class novel 'The Miraculous Journey'.  Jake is willing to share his thoughts and opinions with the class.  Well done, Jake.

Bethany G (45A) - For being inclusive of all members of the class.  Beth plays and completes class tasks with different groups and with her bubbly personality is making lots of friends.  You are a great addition to our class, Beth.

Ryan E (45B) - For being an amazing role model to the class and outside in the playground.  Ryan works hard and is a kind and caring friend and brother.  Well done, Ryan!

Syni K (45B) - For being such a fantastic helper during our Digi-maker sessions.  Syni is patient with the class and guides us through the lessons with her knowledge.  Great job, Syni!

Ebony S (45C) - For putting great effort into writing a variety of poems.  Ebony has spent time revising her work and adding in poetic devices to improve her writing.  Well done!

Lily D (45C) - For displaying great resilience and a positive attitude.  Lily does her Personal Best to complete all work to the best of her ability and always has a smile on her face.  Great effort, Lily!

Emily B (6A) - For doing a great job in various leadership roles.  She has taken on Music Captain this term, did a superb job running assembly and has helped out in numerous ways in the class.  Super star, Em!

Vincent B (6A) - For the outstanding way Vincent has applied himself to his schooling this term.  I am so proud of the effort he is putting in the questions he is asking and also the way he makes us laugh.  Keep it up!!