Principal's Report

Car Boot Sale

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the Carboot Sale. The atmosphere was great, there were so many members of our school community there and it was a great success as a fundraiser.


Thank you to Kirsty Walker for organising the event and all of the members of the PA and the wider school community who contributed to its success.

National Young Leaders Day

On Monday I had the absolute privilege of attending the National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Convention Centre with our Student Leaders. We heard many inspirational leadership stories from a great range of speakers from different fields and different backgrounds. 


Our Student Leaders represented our school in an outstanding fasion, both at the event and as we traveled to and from it on public transport. Many other commuters commented on the great manners displayed by our students.


This year one of our major focuses is on improving the outdoor environment for all of the students at Marlborough. One of the ways we would like to address this is by developing a Master Plan for our school grounds and look into replacing our Foundation, 1/2 and Senior playgrounds with more modern, engaging and exciting play equipment.  The PA are working hard in fundraising this year and beyond and are very happy to be committing funds to this project. One of the options we are exploring is leasing the playground equipment (with a minimal buy-out at the end) so that the students who are here at Marlborough now can get the most out of the playground whilst they are here.


As we develop Master Plans and look at the sort of equipment which would best meet our needs, we will call for input from students and their families, so that we can collaboratively work together to make the outdoor spaces at Marlborough absolutely amazing.


Given the major investment we are planning to put into this, we have decided to not do a short-term fix on the broken slide in the Foundation Playground. The quote for a replacement slide is in excess of $3,500 and we think this money is better spent on completely upgrading the play areas. However, we are putting new Soft Fall into all of the playgrounds this week, as this is important to ensure student safety.