School Captains  

Jack and Sienna

Term 3 Update 

Hello, this is your school captains Jack and Sienna.

Welcome back to another wonderful school term.

This term is a very exciting one as we have commenced our building work for a new library and classrooms, which will finish next year.


This term and the next couple of weeks we have many important dates to be aware of: 

Friday the 9th of August we have a Curriculum Day 

Thursday the 15th  August - Feast of the Assumption Mass at 9am

Thursday 15th August - Fr Brendan Hayes is visiting the Confirmation candidates 

Week 6 we will be celebrating Book Week and the Confirmation ceremonies are on Wednesday/Thursday evenings 

Tuesday 3rd September is the C.O.H.R school concert - The Sound of Musicals 


We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week as there are many fun activities to take part in, the parade is a highlight as we can dress up as our favourite characters from books.



We are also looking forward to our concert this term. Thought out this week we have heard a lot of music so we know that it is almost concert time. People are having so much fun with their rehearsals. 


We would like to thank all of the grandparents and special friends who joined us on Grandparents and Special Friends Day. We had such a fun day spending time with them and showing them all the work and art we have done in class.


We would also like to thank all the parents who helped out on our Toastie Day. They were so yummy and we all wanted more.


We are really proud of all the children throughout the demolition process in our building works who have worked  through the loud noise and still manage to keep going with their work and stay focused on their tasks. We are being safe as we walk around the school which is important. 



We hope that you have a great day.

Thank you all,

Jack and Sienna