Acting Principal

Mr Chris Grimmer

School Review Update 

We have now completed our school review, the final day was today.  Over the period of the review process the panel spent time visiting some of our classrooms, speaking with many of our teachers and students from across the year levels, as well as parents. They spent time with us, looking at our school goals and targets for the last four years and validating our school self- evaluation. We will now use the feedback from the panel, along with our own knowledge and understanding of our College’s improvement journey to construct goals, strategies and targets for the next four years.

Our school review report will be shared at school council when it becomes available, but just from our preliminary discussions it was great to hear so much positive feedback from the panel regarding the strong relationships that are present across the College. Students, parents and staff all positively commented on this and the panel witnessed strong, supportive relationships first hand as they moved throughout the classrooms.

School Arrival Time

A number of our primary students are arriving at school extremely early, despite the fact that they are not travelling on the early bus. Our primary staff are preparing for the day’s lessons in their classrooms until 8:40am.  At 8.40am the classrooms are open and staff begin yard duty.  I would ask that students avoid arriving at school before 8:30am to ensure their safety in the yard. Any students who arrive before this time will be directed into the breakfast club until yard duty begins.

Victorian Government's New Mobile Phone Policy

As you may be aware, the Victorian Government has announced a new Mobile Phone Policy that will require students to switch their phones off and securely store them away during the school day if they choose to bring them to school.

The policy is designed to support teaching and learning in an environment that is free from unnecessary distractions, disruptions and student inattention caused by the urge to check their phones.  At recess and lunch times, students will be better-placed to communicate with each other face to face and/or be involved in activities rather than being focused on a device or on social media.

Our school is currently working on our own Mobile Phone Policy that will implement the Government’s announcement in a way that reflects the needs of our own community.  As such, we will be undertaking consultation with students, staff and parents to ensure our approach to implementing this policy meets the needs of our whole community.

Details about consultations and the finalized policy will be made available throughout Term 4.  Additional information regarding the policy is available on the Department of Education and Training’s website.

2020 Enrolment Numbers-Reminder

If you know that your child (other than our current Year 10s) will not be attending Merbein P-10 College in 2020 we would really appreciate it if you could notify our office on 50 252501. We are receiving enrolment enquiries on a daily basis which is why it is important that we have an accurate idea of our expected numbers for next year. That way we can ensure that there are enough places available for families in our school zone for 2020.