Student Reports

Year 3 Report

Shrove Tuesday on a Monday

On the 27th February 3C made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. We have Shrove Tuesday to use up all of our sweet things in preparation for Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday. We split up into three different groups. Each group had two parent helpers. We had to write a procedure for how to make a pancake while waiting for out pancakes. People were called up the help with the pancakes. We had to weigh and measure the ingredients to make the pancakes. When we received the pancakes we got to choose the toppings.


By Tina  and Anabel  3C


Shrove Tuesday (Monday)

On Monday the 27th of February, 3C decided to make pancakes on Shrove Monday. There were three groups with two parent helpers in each group.


The ingredients we used were:

150g of flour

25g of butter

25g of sugar

2 eggs

400ml of milk

extra butter.


The materials we used were:



Electric frying pan


Our first step was to add the flour into the bowl, add the butter and mix it into the flour. After, we added the sugar into the bowl and then we mixed it. Our third step was to make an opening in the centre to crack the eggs in. We then stirred gently and added the milk splash by splash. We mixed it in with the flour so the butter was as thick as double cream. We sprayed some oil onto the electric frying pan and added a bit of mixture to make a small thin pancake. We had to watch the bubbles rise and when we thought it looked good, we flipped it over. We then ate our delicious pancakes with lots of different toppings.


By John  and Patrick  3C