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In a home where conversations and dialogue are promoted and explored through speaking and listening and reading, children may be exposed to as many as 2153 words per hour, equating up to 45 million words over 4 years. (Hart & Risley)


This is why conversations and general verbal interactions with your child/ren are so important.

Here is an oral Language game to try at home...




At least 2 people, but more for more fun


Game Play

The game starts with a simple declaration by one player: "I spy something__________." The blank is filled in with any adjective (e.g. purple, fuzzy, tall, square). It is up to the opposite player(s) to guess what it is the first player spies.



Become the spy by being the first to guess the object correctly. For the player selecting the object to spy, stump the opposing players for as long as you can with obscure observations, and keep them guessing.