From the Classroom...

Year 5/6s  

As ANZAC Day is fast approaching, we come to the conclusion of our ANZAC studies in the Year 5/6 unit.  Students have explored Australia's involvement in war, the effect war has had on Australia and its people, the significance of Gallipoli and what life was like as a soldier.


We have thoroughly enjoyed linking what we have learnt about the ANZACs with our Poetry unit in Writer's Workshop. Students have explored various forms of poetry, including; Acrostic, Kennings, Haiku, Cinquain, Ode, Limerick, Ballad and Shape poems. We look forward to sharing some of these amazing poems at our ANZAC Day service on Friday.


The students are also looking forward to commemorating ANZAC Day with the ANZAC Bike Ride, which is happening on Thursday!


Here are some of our wonderful ANZAC poems:



A reminder to “Light up the Dawn” in your neighbourhood on Sunday morning if you cannot make a dawn service, to pay our respects to our fallen heroes.