Classroom Stars and Achievers 

Stars of the Week

Willow B

For always trying her best (Miss Laura Room 1)

Louise R

For having a go at writing independently with great confidence (Ellie Room 2)

Taylan M

For working hard on his writing (Claire Room 3)

Jed S

For being a very helpful student in the classroom (Mrs Hill Room 4)

Ellie H

For a great start to Term 2! (Miss Bigmore & Blair Room 5)

Freya H

For a beautifully settled start to Term 2 (Mr Mitchell Room 6)

Oscar R

For a wonderful effort in handwriting! (Mrs Gear Room 9)

Ivy L

For her organisation and always being ready to learn (Rick & Blair Room 10)


Outstanding Achievers

Thomas S

For great acheivement in BIDMAS maths sessions (Kyra & Mr Searl room 12)

Jayden R

For persisting with challenges in Maths. Well done! (Miss Missen Room 13)

Jackson M

For focusing on his own work at all times (Mrs Riddoch Room 14)

Alex O

For demonstrating persistence when solving BIDMAS problems (Miss Allen Room 15)

Layla J 

For being a good friend to others (Mrs Brown Room 16)

All of Room 17

For being so welcoming to Ben (Ben Room 17)

Felix W 

For always giving his best in all learning areas! (Miss Liv Room 18)

Riley J

For always listening to instructions and using his initiative! (Miss J Room 19)



Cooper W Room 18

For always giving 110% in PE (Ms Wood)