From Our School Leaders

Lockdown #4

We have been impressed yet again by our wonderful students this time around in Remote Learning. We have heard many comments from staff and a few from families about children being able to get up and get on with their learning.  We know you have all had plenty of practice by now, so well done to you all!


In a meeting we attended late last week, our Regional Director announced that we had entered our 160th day of lockdown in Melbourne. That fact really hit us! We are living through an historical event; one that will have lasting stories. Some of the stories will be of sadness and loss, and some of them will be of the great kindness shown during these extraordinary events. I hope you and your family have been touched by kindness in some form or another. A random act of kindness can fill you with great joy and sometimes relief.


The Resilience Project people tell us that showing kindness, as well as receiving it, is beneficial for us as we get the shot of dopamine (the feel good hormone) when we are kind to others, as well as receiving kindness from others. With that in mind, we all have a tool to use if we need to make ourselves feel better - show someone some kindness. A simple phone call, letter or email to family, friends (or teachers) could help raise up dopamine levels for all involved. Great to have a new tool in your toolbox, and what a perfect time to practice using it too! 


Our staff, once again, have “pivoted”. We are very lucky here at Scoresby PS to have such caring, compassionate and flexible staff. Thank you for organising work for students for this week so efficiently, and following up for those who require further assistance. 


As we write this newsletter, we are awaiting the announcement from the Acting Premier Mr Merlino about extending lockdown #4, beyond this Thursday. If this is to be the case, teachers will plan another week’s work, and we will be making contact through WebEx with our students next week. Information will be sent to everyone via COMPASS as usual. 

Fun Times In Year 3/4

Mrs Rheumer and Mrs Hartley have been in classrooms releasing teachers to observe demonstration lessons around our AIP focus for this year, which is Reading. While in the Year 3/4 classrooms, we were taken aback by the enthusiasm and engagement our students had for the work they were about to complete - climate change posters! The 3/4 level have been reading “Our House is on Fire”,  a lovely picture story book about young Greta Thunberg, the climate activist from Sweden.


The session began with a discussion about climate change. The 3/4s didn’t see this as a gloom and doom topic; they were fired up and wanted change. They were also amazed that one young girl had started a movement. It was not her intention to start a worldwide movement or to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit - such a powerful speech from a passionate young girl. In part of Greta’s speech, she refers to the young people of today:

"We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.”


In talking to our 3 /4 students on that day, we have to say we feel our world will be in good hands in the future. Our young people are open to change, they understand the issues and they are passionate. 


We encourage you to chat with your 3/4 children about Greta and her work. We found their insights fascinating and their passion and wonder was quite inspiring. We are so lucky in our job get to hear these wonderful conversations. Thanks 3/4s for sharing! The posters can be viewed outside their classrooms, and a few of them made it into the level newsletter last week on COMPASS. 

Ongoing Reporting Task – Mathematics

This snap lockdown will affect our ongoing reporting task for Mathematics in Term 2. It was planned to be pushed out to families this Friday.


Across the school, all levels (except Foundation) have been working on Addition and Subtraction concepts. A task and assessment on this unit of work is prepared. When we get back to school and complete the learning, we will post the information to families. We are sorry about the delay. 


Education Week 2021 – Postponed

We have postponed our Education Week activities until next term. Open days and nights are such wonderful events in schools. We love to showcase learning and all that we do. Once we get back into the swing of things for Term 2, we will set dates and try again. 


School Tours And Enrolments For 2022

Foundation tours and enrolments are well underway so, if you have a child ready for school in 2022, please collect an enrolment form from the office or the school website and return it to school as soon as possible. We would greatly appreciate your help with this, as it helps us with our future planning for next year.


Thank You

We received a lovely letter of thanks and an Appreciation Certificate from the Waverley RSL Sub-Branch for raising funds for ANZAC Day through the sale of badges, wristbands and bag tags.


Our SPS community raised $291.00 for the 2021 ANZAC Day appeal - a fine effort!


And Finally…

We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank our school community for your support. It is in these trying times that we come together and look out for each other. Please be in touch with your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns or issues.


Stay well and stay safe. 



Scoresby Primary School Leaders