From the Library,

E-book Library.



Summer reading is an important, enjoyable activity that students can do during the holidays to help avoid the 'Summer Slide' in reading achievements gained during the school year.


“Studies have shown that children who read for pleasure from a young age are much more likely to do well throughout their academic life.” 


Students have access to borrow books 24/7. The digital library never closes.



Don't forget to make use of our E-book Library.  Everyone should have their login code and passwords.  


Login and password reminder.

Login - Firstname.lastname

Password - The student id which can be found on the compass app, when you look at your child's details. This is in upper case and is case specific.

These details should be recorded in the front of the student diary.

  1. E-Book Library is found under the Remote and Flexible Learning Tab on the school website.  Go to ‘Remote and Flexible Learning’ then click the ‘E-Book Library’ tab. CJC  Website -
  2. Or, go direct to the E-Book Library by following this link.
  3. Click on ‘sign in’ (top right corner).
  4. Enter your child’s individual username and password.
  5. Start browsing and start reading.  (Your child can borrow up to two books for two weeks).

French E-library at Alliance Francaise.

Parents who are members of the Alliance Francaise,  you have access to the Culturetheque library with over 220,000 books available for students to borrow.