From the School Leadership Team,

Dear Students, Parents, Carers and Families,


2021 presented many challenges and opportunities for our school community, but we have endured and reached the conclusion of this academic year. Can we pass on our sincerest congratulations and thanks to all of our students and families for your grit throughout the Remote, Onsite, Remote and then Onsite Learning that occurred. It wasn’t easy, but we worked together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for all our students.


Thankfully, these last few weeks saw our community come together physically, not just digitally, to celebrate some special occasions. One of those momentous events was our Year 6 Graduation which occurred last night. It was a delight to see our oldest learners get dressed in their finest clothes for the red-carpet event. Furthermore, the confidence they displayed as they performed was outstanding. The poetry, singing and dance highlighted the wide range of talent we have at CJC. As our Year 6 students move on to the next chapter of their educational life, we wish them nothing but good-fortune and know they will succeed by continuing to strive for excellence. Can we thank our Year 5/6 staff for organising the event and all of our other staff that helped set up, pack up and stayed to celebrate the special occasion.


Recently, many of our students have been involved in excursions and incursions, can we thank the staff that organised those events and all our parent community that volunteered to help on those days. Our students were extremely grateful and have proclaimed them as highlights of their year.


Lastly, to our students, thank you for upholding our school values, demonstrating determination and trying your best throughout the year. Caulfield Junior College is fortunate to have students as resilient and hard-working as you all are.


We would like to wish all our families a safe and happy holidays and for those that celebrate, a Merry Christmas.


CJC Leadership