Julie Andrews, Bradley Headlam &  Paul Dawson 

Assistant Principals

SEAL Testing

Last Wednesday the school conducted the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program testing.  Due to the constraints of the Coronavirus, this testing was conducted during a week day at the school.  We are looking forward to welcoming the 2021 SEAL class to NGSC.

Course Counselling And Pathways Planning

Information sessions are being delivered by the Careers Team in the coming weeks to prepare students to consider their future pathways and associated subjects. 


Course counselling dates are as follows:

  • Year 11 students 21 July
  • Year 10 students 30 and 31 July
  • Year 9 students 6 and 7 August

Students who are at risk of failing will be contacted by the Sub School and booked in with an appropriate Counsellor. All other sessions will be available for booking early in Term Three.

End Of Term Arrangements - Reporting, Summative Tasks

Due to the Remote and Flexible Learning Program this term, there will be no exams for Semester One, 2020. For all classes that would have expected to have exams there will be a replacement summative task. The end of Semester Summative task is to be done in Week nine or, if required, in Week eight. It will be included in the Semester One reports.


Please note the following dates and arrangements:

June 3 - 6

Summative tasks (if extra dates required)

(Week 8)


June 8

Queen’s Birthday public holiday:

Student free day


June 9 - 11

Summative tasks in normal class time (Week 9)


June 12   Assessment and Reporting Day: Student free day


June 15

Semester 2 begins (Week 10)


June 26

Last day Term Two, 1:30 pm finish Semester Reports published.


VCE Units 1 and 3. Flexible transition time frame into Unit 4 to accommodate practical SACs that need to be completed at school in Term Three.  VCE Unit 1 and 3 Semester 1 reports delayed to ensure time to complete Unit 1 and 3 coursework.  Students have been advised of the due dates that they are required to show an understanding of the outcomes.  This flexibility is as a result of the period of isolation, but still requires the students to complete outstanding tasks that will show this competency. 

Semester One Reports

It was mentioned previously that we would be delaying the VCE reports to be released in the middle of Term Three. As always, you will receive a report for your child outlining their progress in Semester One, 2020 against the Victorian Curriculum. Due to the impact of Remote and Flexible Learning during Term Two, the exam schedule was cancelled. The report will look different in that the end of Semester Exam is replaced with a Semester Summative task. The Semester Summative Task will be assessed against the standards based descriptors used for Learning Tasks. 


The Semester One, 2020 report includes:

  • The description of the areas taught of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 within each subject section
  • The list of Learning Tasks for each subject for the Semester
  • The standard based descriptor and percentage or rubric, which indicates your child’s achievement for each Learning Task
  • A subject summary page indicating:
    • Your child’s achievement level against the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards
    • The progress your child has made since their last report

For some students who were unable to engage in the remote learning program and have not been able to demonstrate their progress against the Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards, their teachers might not provide an A-E grade for the subject. If this is the case, the space for the subject will be left blank and the progression dot will not appear. 


As an extra inclusion for the Semester One, 2020 Report, the recent Progress Report in table format will appear after the subject reports. It indicates your child’s academic progress during the report time-frame, and their positive participation and respect for others in the remote learning classroom. This is a reflection of how well your child coped with the remote and flexible learning environment experienced for Term Two, 2020.


It is our intention to provide you with these reports at the completion of Term Two, 2020.

Important Message Regarding Unwell Students

Translated in Croatian, Serbian, Karen, Burmese, Farsi, Arabic

An important reminder to students and families: If you are sick you must not come to school.


A child who becomes unwell at school will need to be collected as soon as possible.


Važno obavještenje đacima i familijama:

Ako ste bolesni, ne smijete dolaziti u školu.

Dijete koje se razboli u školi, treba odvesti što je prije moguće.


Важно обавештење ђацима и фамилијама:

Ако сте болесни, не смете долазити у школу.

Дете које се разболи у школи, треба одвести из школе што је пре могуће.

Karen and Burmese


Persian /Dari /Farsi/ Hazaraghi




School Operations

  • Middle School Lockers
    There has been some building work going on around the Middle School lockers. These have been re-arranged. If there is any confusion please see Mr McDougall in the Middle Sub School.
  • Out of bounds.
    Behind the A block bike rack and decking toilets there is some space. This is always out of bounds!
  • Students will be encouraged not to loiter in these locker areas.
  • Students choosing not to return to school next week will not be provided with individualised work.
  • Students who are vulnerable and absent from school will have work provided and this will be communicated through the Sub School.
  • Larger gatherings of students will not occur and we are still waiting to hear what extracurricular activities will be permitted, when and if!

On-site Learners

Throughout this challenging period we have had to negotiate a range of operational scenarios and students, parents and staff have been fantastic. We have conducted  a range of surveys and shared the responses of all involved through the newsletter. In reflection there was one area we have really discussed and that is for the students who were learning independently under supervision on site.  There were about 24 students in total who experienced an independent learning environment and we felt it was time to hear from them. From our perspective we learned how well students can learn through online classrooms independently and still challenge themselves as required. Many of the students demonstrated excellence in their improved Progress Report results and should be congratulated for their efforts. The following students completed a questionnaire on their onsite remote learning experience.



Maddie O'Connor



At first it was weird being at school with only a few people but when the Year 11 and 12 students came back, it wasn’t that weird. And I didn’t really know anyone, so it was awkward.



There were no real challenges, except for in the mornings when having to walk to school in the freezing cold.



At lunch and snack we’d play soccer or bowling and laugh so hard our cheeks would hurt. I also liked becoming friends with other people in different year levels.



Not gonna lie, I did a lot more work than I’d normally do on a daily basis. Didn't like how I had so many spares. Now that wasn’t fun!



Shannon Kilgower



It was boring and fun at the same time. I reckon it is better to do it online because it is more quiet.



The challenges were if you didn’t know what to do then you would just sit there.



I enjoyed the online classes because the fact is that it is better.



I did really well on my Science test, I got 80% which is a big improvement.



Brock Ince



It is okay, but I am looking forward to going to school normally.



The challenge was trying to get on the call because sometimes it did not work.



Coming to school to see some of my friends.



I have been doing well with this type of learning.