From the Principal

Oblate Student Leaders Conference


This week we have played host to the Oblate Student Leaders Conference. Leaders and staff from Mazenod College Victoria, St Eugene College and Iona College joined with our Prefects and House Captains to explore further what it means to lead in the charism of St Eugene De Mazenod and the tradition of the Oblates. One of the themes throughout the conference was ‘we do it better when we do it together’, and we focused on being leaders who develop community in the Oblate way. Thank you to Mr Michael Anderson, our Dean of Students, who ran the conference, the many Mazenod parents of our Seniors who took our visitors into their homes for three days and our staff who supported the event.


College Opening Mass


The beginning of each school year is celebrated in Mass and we had a wonderful gathering to bless the community for 2020. This year we added some new elements within the Mass, the pledge by the Year 12 Senior group and the presence of their families to support and wish them well in the important task of leading, alongside the Prefects and Captains, the student body. It was a touching moment to see families embrace their sons to express their support in this the final stage of their Mazenod Journey. We were blessed to have Fr Christian Fini OMI, Provincial, and Fr Michael Twigg OMI, Iona College Rector, to celebrate Mass with Fr Michael McMahon OMI. Members of the Mazenod Victoria, St Eugene and Iona communities were involved in the Mass too. It is always difficult for families to attend daytime functions but we are grateful to the many parents and grandparents who attended. The Mazza Mums provided a sumptuous morning tea and the generosity of parents who had provided food allowed us to cater for such a large group. Thank you.


Parent Information Evenings

These events are marked in the calendar but are also listed below for your reference. In each presentation we aim to, in 45 to 60 minutes, outline the key focus areas for the particular year group and the ways in which the spiritual, academic and pastoral programs can be supported between school and home; borrowing from Fr Fini’s line earlier in the Newsletter, ‘we do it better when we do it together’. The upcoming presentations will be recorded, especially for our Boarding parents who may be challenged in attending the evenings.


Parents Association Sundowner

This event is only 3 weeks away (Friday, March 6) and it would be wonderful to see the numbers from the past two years grow even further. The aim of this social event is to bring parents together, welcome new families to the community and enjoy the company. Mark the date in your calendar and keep an eye out for further information.


Anniversary of National Apology


Yesterday, 13 February, marked the anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. This is a day to commemorate this significant event, when Kevin Rudd – then Prime Minister of Australia – made a formal apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples whose lives had been devastated by government policies of forced child removal and assimilation.


You may like to watch the video here and read this article from SBS News “Twelve years since the National Apology, Australia's 'journey of healing' has a long way to go”.


Mazenod’s Birthday

Today, 14 February is well known as St Valentine’s Day and Decimal Currency Day but it also marks the foundation of our College. Happy Birthday, Mazenod!


Reflections from Year 7

Over the next few weeks we will include a few comments from our Year 7 students about their early experiences of Mazenod. A little collection of ‘What went well’! Here are just a few of their observations to finish this week’s editorial:

“Altogether the first two weeks of my high school journey have been fun and enjoyable, although at the start I was a bit nervous now I am not nervous at all. I am happy to be called a Mazza boy.”  - Cooper


“My first week was a fun week because I got to make new friends and meet new teachers also they took all the Boarders on a camp to Rottnest.”  - Darnell


“I am finding Year 7 a success! I have made friends that aren’t from my old primary school. I am really enjoying it. I haven’t had really any challenging moments besides keeping still in class.”  - Tom


“I find Mazenod quite nice but also a bit challenging with finding classes and getting there on time. I am enjoying it because I have made new friends.”  - Thomas

Enjoy the week ahead.


“I looked for happiness outside of God and, to my sorrow, looked there for too long.”

– St Eugene De Mazenod


Andrew Watson