Mazenod to become a



Earlier this term three staff members from the Sustainability Portfolio took part in a Waste-Wise webinar, learning what we need to do as a College to become an accredited Waste-Wise school.  Since then we have been laying the foundation work to enable us to involve the whole school in this process with the aim of finishing the accreditation Term 1 next year.


So, what is a Waste-Wise school?

A waste wise school is one that has been formally recognised by the Australian Government to promote better waste management practise and behaviours, with a focus on waste reduction and avoidance.

To find out more check out this link: Waste-Wise Schools


So, how can you help?

Through Terms 2 and 3 the sustainability group visited each year group during assembly times to start improving the boys awareness of their own waste. In front of the students we tipped out a bin to show them exactly what was being thrown out.  The biggest waste products were chip packs and uneaten lunches.


Here are some suggestions on reducing waste in these two areas:

  • Buy the large chip packs and then send you son to school with some chips in a reusable container. This not only heavily reduces the waste but is also much cheaper!
  • Get your kids involved in making their lunch with the hope that they will make food that they like eating and thus won’t throw it out at school.
  • Encourage them to bring food scraps home so that they can be added to your worm farm or compost bin.
  • Send food to school in washable container as opposed to cling wrap.

Help us on our journey to become a Waste Wise school!


Daniel Rogerson

Sustainability Team