Robotics Club

Hello all, I am Jeremiah, a student here at Mazenod. I have had the pleasure over the last few terms, to be involved with a new program known as the Programming and Robotics Club. Personally, I feel it is a wonderful opportunity for students of all years to develop critical thinking, logic and have lots of fun in the process. To forward these goals we started with programming, learning about how a computer operates on our instructions and thus achieve our desired outcome. I helped some of the students personally with their code, as programming is both a passion and specialty subject of mine.


This term we are currently investigating Lego Robotics, and constructing our own robots. For some, this goes beyond the instructions, and creativity is showing through in the variety creations that are being constructed. Whilst robotics isn’t something that I personally have a lot of experience in, I have enjoyed watching the other students piece together a robot from the kits available for us to use. I have enjoyed the course so far, and am excited to see where it will go next in the coming year (or years).

The club is held every Friday during the long lunch in the Library Annex.


Kind Regards

Jeremiah Webb