Football Club

Playing Jumpers

MJFC has had a few enquiries in relation to players purchasing Premiership jumpers from the club.  Please be aware the Year 12's are the only players that will be able to purchase their playing jumper as a keepsake at a cost of $50.00.  Should any Year 10 player/parent who has a jumper, please return this to the club by the end of November 2019.  There will be no exceptions to the rule! 

MJFC had it's AGM last Wednesday 30.10.19.  We thank every person who contributed to the success of MJFC in 2019.  A special mention to Neil McGuiness and Oscar Buckingham who have stepped down from their positions. 


Vacant Committee Positions

All positions on the MJFC Committee were filled except for two. We are looking for a Sponsorship Co-Ordinator and a Property Manager. Should anyone be interested in these positions, more details about the positions can be obtained from Ivan ( or Jake ( 


Year 11/12 Competition 2020

As previously announced in an email dated 18.09.19 to all MJFC Community, it has been confirmed that all the Year 11 and 12 players will be playing in a League/Reserves format.  This means training together as a squad and teams will be selected each week.  This is how the WAFC have structured this competition.  After trialling a Year 11 and Year 12 team in this competition this season with limited success for the Year 12's, we are ready to move forward and try something new.  We will be busy developing guidelines on how to manage these teams in the next few months. We thank you for your patience as we implement this new format and realise it may take a few seasons to deliver the best model for players. An information night for the Year 12 and 11 parents/carers/and players will be scheduled for early 2020.


Coaches and Team Managers for 2020

In preparation for the new season the committee have announced all "Head Coaching", "Assistant Coaches" and "Team Managers" positions as vacated and request nominations for all teams.

All interested persons are requested to email the President - or Coaching Co-Ordinator - Should you need any clarification on the coaching roles etc, please contact Jake (Coaching Co-Ordinator). All coaches will be bound by the Code of Conduct (Coach-Parent-Spectator as per the Central Conference Guidelines) as well as the Mazenod College ethos.

Any breaches of these policies (at training or during matches) will result in an Emergency Executive Committee meeting and a review of the position held by the coach/manager/parent in question.


Michelle McKeown